Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry southern christmas!

the cole family christmas card 2010.

vintage adventures...

i was given three of these beauties in three different colors and two different sizes.
from my great friend taniya.
she is my favorite antique shopper.:)
i got two amazing vintage pyrex bowls in jackson mississippi at an antique shop.
i also got one fire king bowl that is a tad different but im diggin these colors.
i have been looking at these for years now and finally made the leap.
these will not be decor. they will be used and loved.
i got two of these amazing frames from the same antique store in mississippi.
they are two different sizes and i fell in love.
i'd like to say i'd make a craft out of them or try to sell them.
to be real with you..i want to put some pictures in them and hang em on my wall.
finally i have been eyeing the saturday evening post art of norman rockwell.
so this years kitchen calendar is a saturday evening post..norman rockwell.
(this image is from the 2008 calendar, but you get how vintagey cute they are)
i also got two poka dot headband wrap things.
which i love.
rockin this short hair and a headband is just the ticket this summer.:)

we had a great christmas.
shea got me some cool vinyl albums for my turn table.
my gran gave me a vintage cross stitch my dad made in 81 of the state of LA & a pelican.
my mom me some vintage inspired ceral bowls, coffee cups, a pitcher, a platter & plates.
that was my vintage christmas gifts this year.

true grit vs. true(r) grit if you will...

well we went and saw true(r) grit on christmas day.
with aunt dotsy, my in-laws and shea everyone loved it.
i call it true(r) grit because a ton of folks are claiming
it is better than the first true grit. the john wayne style grit.
my mother was deeply upset by this statement. why?
bc she like others are die hard john wayners. so on this
cole families to do list is to see/own the true grit.
we will make an assessment of this statement after we have all the info.:)
something else we found...we enjoy westerns. we are watching one now.
i haven't decided my feelings about westerns. i'll get back to ya.
(my mother loves that shea is diggin on some western...oh lord the brownie points)


Thursday, November 18, 2010

halloweenie decor as promised..

i realize i am the slowest blogger ever.
and for that i am sorry.
i love blogging but cannot make myself get sucked into the online world after work. :)

here is my terra cotta dracula

he is a much smaller scale then the ones my moma made growing up.
but for the space i have he is perfect.
the only things he is missing in the picture is his cape and ears.
i gave him a trash bag black cape and just left him w/o ears.
i free handed all his painted areas which was fun.
as you can tell you just need two bottom pot pieces and 3 varied size pots.
also at my moma's house her big daddy drac is used as a candy holder outside.

[sorry about the poor picture quality, poor lighting and iphone pic]
my terra cotta jack

there is this wonderful place called the union project
in our neighborhood.
they had a pumpkin carving of leather hard pumpkins.
i brought my handy ceramic tools & after a week picked up this baby.
they fired it for me.
and instead of a real pumpkin that rots i have forever halloween decor.
we did carve pumpkins this year.

i made the mistake of not taking the finished project.
shea & i made our silhouettes on our pumpkins.
[just use your imagination, sorry guys]
the next project i took on was this mum pumpkin.
[as you can easily tell this is not my picture, photo credit is on pic]
anyway this was an amazing twist on flower planting for me.
i hate planting flowers..this was fun.
i used redish mums and yellow and planted them in white pumpkins.
this could also work for your thanksgiving decor.
if you aren't a gardener i recommend it.:)
alright that is all.
i will try to blog a bunch more on my vacay.
no promises tho.
;) xo

Monday, November 1, 2010

gnome sweet gnome..

mrs. & mr. garden gnome

our makeshift "halloleen" costumes.
just made hats and shoes.
everyone thought we were elves. :( we didn't have pointy ears.
oh well.
we had a big halloween party that i planned at the seminary.
it was great!
all the themed halloween dishes everyone made were amazing.
one was these babies...
squirmy wormy sandwiches. guess what that is??
yep. hotdogs! i love themed food.
the party was way fun for kiddos and grown kiddos.

happy halloween 2010!

another post coming soon of halloween crafts from this year.

wedding gifts

lovely birds.
here is the finished product. of wedding present a la the mckee's.
folks this is what you get when you tell me i'm not allowed to get you a gift.
it's hanging in their kitchen.
the colors on the birds are purple and & orange which were her wedding colors.
i did this in about an hour.
remember how i said i was going to decorate their door.
well i did. only they came home to fast so i had to makeshift some stuff.
there will be no pictures because i was not thrilled.:(

their wedding was incredible a perfect southern wedding.
reception at a plantation house the works.

it was an amazing weekend get away & amazing southern weather.
[can you tell i miss the south]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

there's gonna be a hitchin

welp our really great friend Michael is getting married this weekend.
so here is a sneak peak of the making of his presents.
here is are the samples i am going by.
mine will be way more personalized.
i plan on decorating their door to welcome them to their first home.:)
here's the link for credit
here's the link for this one.
this is a cheap, quick and easy gift for anyone.
i think this can go just about anywhere.
i love baby food jar crafts.

i will also be making them a love birds painting for over their bed.
i am hoping they love it.
we are off the nc for the wedding this weekend.
yay mini vacay.

busy week this week.
i'll post pics of my finished projects.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


here are some cupcakes that i made for a great friend of mines graduation party!
they are fun and everyone loved them.

the one below on the far right is supposed to have curly looking hair.
her hair is a curly blonde. can you see it?
they also have cherrios for ears.
i did some with chocolate sprinkles on top of chocolate frosting.
there is one in the back that has big red for hair.[that one was the hardest]
i did some chocolate frosting in ziplocks to make it look more like hair.
then i made two with cherrio hair.
the reese cup turned upside down is between the cupcake and the cookie.
the cookie is a chocolate covered peanut butter cookie i was able to find at the grocery.
on top of the cookie is a mini m&m and i made my own blue frosting out of white frosting and food coloring
for the tassle. which i also squeezed out using a ziplock.

i hope i got these out in time for you to take a try at them for your grad!
hope ya'll enjoy!
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

first friday florence, alabama

on may 7, 2010 i participated in florence's first fridays.
i wasn't in florence. i just sent a ton of my crafts for my moma to sell.
so i guess it's kinda a big deal that this was my first craft show.[eventho i wasn't there]
my mom said that the fabric flowers & button flowers were a big hit!
which is awesome to know that my creation was loved.
thanks to all that supported me! i couldn't have done this without ya!

the picture below are my gran's hand knitted purses than are boiled wool.
cool, hu? if you are interested in them contact me!
[that little lady behind the figure in the pic is my mommy.:)]
this is one of my earring frames.
with this piece you can get your earrings up on a wall and displayed as art in your room.
these are a few more of the earring frames.
if you are wanting a certain color or style we can work on that together.
these frames are all recycled.
all these photos were taken by a first fridays photographer.

a big thanks to my moma & gran that worked the table!

be ready pittsburgh! i will be selling my crafts at the bryant street festival (in highland park) on Sun June 6th.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


ok. as a kid i always remember my mom dragging me to flea markets.
it was kinda cool to go because my thoughts were always.."what will she buy me?"
now as an adult i find myself drawn to them and other places to find "treasures".

i am most def obsessed with yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, consignment, thrifting
and anything vintagely awesome and retro.
i have yet to pick a era that i just love.
i am drawn to the 50s, 60s and 70s.
while at the same time the 80s being when i was born always brings back cool memories.

soo for this blog i wanted to let you in on three things i stumbled upon recently.
first being flea market style the magazine.
my wonderful husband searched high and low for the best magazine for my easter basket.
flea market style is what he stumbled upon.
they also have a blog you should def check out.
the magazine has all sorts of cool re purposing that you can easily do and also some
cool crafty ideas.
if you happen to find a copy of it snatch it up!

the next thing i found recently is a second hand store called...common thread.
it's a cute little shop on butler street in lawerenceville.
which is just down from where we live.

the last place i found was one of the coolest i have ever seen.
a store called who new?
the mister and i went and explored in there yesterday and we were hooked.
i told him he could get all my birthday gifts from there. ha

i plan on hitting some flea markets soon and also keeping up with all other sales of vintage
things around us in pittsburgh.
i would have to say one of my favorite things about pittsburgh is we are
always finding new and fun things to do and see.

have a great week ya'll!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

creative creations..

this is my favorite of my latest creations.
its a teal headband with a pink flower topped with a big white button.
there is a theme here i guess.
the theme being flowers.
this is was my first of this type of flower.
see its leaves :)
here is a floppier flower i made that will probably be a pin
or go on a headband. i made my sister a headband with a flower just like
this on it for easter. she loves it and so do her buds down in auburn, al.
this is my second favorite thing i have made lately.
its a sweet little bobby pin with a fabric flower on it
topped with a baby blue button.
both this and the very top project are made from recycling an old tshirt.

ok. so i am not a photographer as you can tell by my pictures. i get frustrated by the whole time consuming uploading process. i feel like until we get a real deal camera and a tad more space this may improve.

i love making these little flowers. they are so sweet and look great in your hair. shea even said that they look awesome which is saying alot since he's a boy.

i have two big craft things coming up. in may my moma and gran will be selling my crafts at first friday. which is sooo much fun. all you florence folks go check them out and buy all of it! :)
then June 6th i will have a table at the bryant street festival. it should be really hot fun. i think i am going to bring some sweet tea to give away to people that want it.:)

yesterday my friends and i went up to the craft fair imadeit. it was awesome. a ton more venders than i had seen at ones in the past. i got these sweet yellow flower earings. i think you could say i am on a yellow kick. when we left imadeit we went to construction junction. i hit the motherload. i found two different huge pieces of tule to make tutus out of. then got some solid fabric scraps, a painters palette for my cupcake bday this year and last some bright green wrapping paper. all of that was only $6.75. which is a great price and what is also great is it was unwanted unused craft supplies. i am in love with that area of construction junction. i can't wait for my moma to see that place one day.

ok i hope this makes up for keeping you out of my crafting loop. hope you enjoyed it.


nepal goodies as promised..

so everywhere we go we collect a christmas ornament.
this is a nepalese bell.
cute, hu?

this is one of like 4 pencil pouches i got.
this one is green my favorite color!

this is my most favorite thing shea brought back.
i can't exactly tell if its an all black watercolor or if its ink.
either way its fabulous and i can't wait to add it to our art
collection. he did so good with this one!
so shea, jon, james and robby went to nepal to check on the state of the church there. they were gone for 2 whole weeks.(which felt like forever) they had a great time and learned alot. this mission trip changed these men for the better and i am so glad they were able to go. i am so thankful to have them all home, esp shea cole!! shea brought back some super cool stuff. these were just a few of my favorite things.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

a little of this a little of that..
i want one of these for my future kiddo. sooo freaken cute.
two of my great friends here have had kids this week. so i was just searching..
this inspired me!! i saw a fabric one in a store but i am going to look into making a paper one tomorrow. this photo came from
[we have a giant window that faces the apts courtyard. this banner would look amazing hanging in it.:) i am so stoked about making it]

here is a wreath i made for spring. i took some peaches and cream yarn about one and a half of the smaller sizes it comes in. i wrapped it tightly around a straw wreath. then topped it off with some ribbon made into a bow. this is my first project for our easter decor. i really like spring/easter decorating. the stuff is almost as cute as christmas.
i want one of these for my future kiddo. sooo freaken cute.

in the cole household which consists of shea, cooper and i. we will dye eggs, bake cupcakes and give each other easter baskets. no hunting eggs that will come when the kiddos do. shea isn't use to holiday celebrating so i have to help him along. :)

outside today it is a beautiful springy day. the temp is in the mid 60s!

go out and play!!

p.s. my next blog will be of all the cool cool things shea found me in nepal!!:o]

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

surprises for you and me..

handmade w/love.
love from friends & fam.
small fam love.
mushroom love.
march 7. 2009..true love.

So the first thing i got when i got home is that sweet new purse. my gran knitted it and my moma felted it. i am pretty stoked because it goes with everything and well to say the least im in love with it.

next those are a few of the sweet anniversary cards i got on sunday! it was a great day with an anniversary breakfast with friends the it ended with climbing on a roof of a local business. ahhh small town you are so good to me. :) one of my favorite quotes from my anniversary was "here throw that on too(takes my travel contact solution and throws it into his groceries then says do want some candy? get some!" i picked up a huge hersheys with almonds. then we both say happy anniversary. haha random just the way it should be.

today my gran taught me some stained glass techniques. i did the mushroom and eched our little family on the other piece of glass. so just an fyi that is prob going to be my next baby. she wanted to pass that on in our family and i will proudly carry that tradition on. she learned to do it when she was 50 so i am getting an early start. it just goes to show how much i could do with just a little more living space in pittsburgh. i need a studio. real bad.

the last pic i am attaching is a picture of our wedding rings we never posted until this week. enjoy.
the photography is by check them out they are our great friends.

ilove the south. this visit makes me sad for some folks that never get out of town. then makes me miss like crazy watching all the kids i use to know grow up. i am soaking up this time at home. i can tell my mom is loving it.

welp its starting to warm up here. i feel toasty.

Friday, February 26, 2010 time.

the headband above inspired me. i am totally making headbands tonight along with my spring wreath which will look similar to the one in the picture.

the other two images are my crafts that will be going up on etsy while my husband is across the world from me. so lots of free time for me. until i go to alabama on thursday. which i am stoked about this will be real time to spend in my home town. i haven't gotten to do that since last june.

also our house is out of control dirty. mostly our living room that my crafts have taken over. the couch is covered in snacks and crafts. good thing for bones on dvd. keeps me on taskish. i hope i get a ton of scrapbooking done tomorrow. also get some cool bloggin in for you guys to read. i have some cool ideas up my sleeve and seeing as i have about 40 to 50 crafts going at one time it should get interesting.

one more thing. i have been watching it snow big all day. word is the streets are bad(im not leaving to find out) and we have more snow to come. this should be a fun one. a good way to start my husbandless time.

stay warm.

ps the first two pics are by vita designs

Thursday, February 18, 2010

real quick..

first off a preview of what i am working on...

it is just a pic of one that is close to what i am making.
i only have about 7 flowers made as of now. i am aiming for about 25-30:)
here is a link to credit them[]=tags&includes[]=title

some great music you should def check out..
joshua radin - nowhere to go [i love his song sky too check it as well]

also check out..
patty griffins new album downtown church [its amazing]

so tomorrow i am going to erie pa for the first time. im so stoked!
three reasons why i can't wait..
1. taking pics with my bff mandy mae.
2. sleeping at wanmaws w/moey mae.
3. hanging with the rimmers all weekend.

stay warm this weekend folks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

first time in a long time..

welp this is where i here are updates on life lately.

pittsburgh holds things i love like..bubble teas[from rose tea], Italian ice, incredible consignment shops, bakeries [tons to chose from], parks parks and more parks, snow, construction junction, imadeit, oh yeah![its fabulous ice cream],the strip district, paris 66, urban outfitters, kards unlimited and $5 movie nights.

there is much more i could list but this stuff is the most important in my opinion.
feel free to add some. i love trying new places and things.

one of the most important things pittsburgh holds for me is incredible people.
people i know i will keep in touch with after this experience is over.
some of which i don't know how i would've made it through this year without!:)

last week at bible study was told the most interesting fact...
pastors wives do not have pastors. this really is sticking with me.
so the women i am meeting in seminary will be my go to women.
they are who i confide in and trust and it will only grow after we get a church.

there is so so much that i have learned about myself and shea this year.
i am excited to see what's up next for our family.
one of the things that is new for me this year is numerous girlfriends.
which is sooooo not my norm. i usually have a max of two not including my sister.
i feel like since our move here. i have ten or so which is nuts and i love it.
another difference here is i really feel like i am having an impact.

i hope to one day be able to work a half day at a "real job"
then the second part of the day go into "my studio" and create.

oh and my wants for after our graduation from seminary are..
a real bed with a headboard and footboard.
our anniversary that year going to disney.
my art stuff to have its own space.
a video camera..maybe a real camera.

ok folks this is my new deal. i want to keep this up.

i will post crafts i am working on and even some for you to work on.
also here i will post updates to my etsy page.

stay warm.