Sunday, May 29, 2011

a colorful crafty sunday.

i love having a center piece on our kitchen table.
so i was inspired by some pictures this weekend
and i made the above center piece for fun.:)
all the colors look great in our living room/dining room.

i have a huge button collection.
those that know me know i love love love buttons.
some very beautiful buttons are shown above.
i wanted to make them into hair clips for some summery
fun hair dos.

these are so fun and colorful.
i made them a couple of months ago but i really wanted to share their
bright color with this post.
i think colorful light switch plates are so stinkin fun!

i hope you enjoyed this!
happy memorial day weekend!

Friday, May 27, 2011

the help

have you heard of the movie coming out this summer called the help?
no. you should and here's why.

my very very great friend avent clark spent a large chunk of time
helping make this movie.
she helped emma stone in the movie learn how to talk w/ a southern accent.
avent has the most amazing southern accent. i love it!!
i think that alone makes avent the key to this movie.
haha. in my eyes anyway.
i think this movie will be awesome and i can't wait to see it.
avent was also in some of the scenes we won't know until
the movie comes out if those scenes made it in.
i fell like everyone should know avent and how amazing she is.
this would be a great opportunity for them to see her beautiful face!!

i love this movie already.
one. it's oozing with southern accents.
two. the amazing friendship.
three. the story is incredible.
i cannot wait to see this.

here's a link to the trailer go check it out, then go see the movie! :)
it comes out August 12th.
we will be seeing it opening night w/o a doubt.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a little astronauts burday!

i have to blog about this kiddos burday!
this is henry the astronaut guy.

i know a ton of kiddos and not one of them at 2 and a half years old
know about astronauts. well this little now three-year-old does!
he has for about 6 months now been desiring to be an astronaut.
he says, "when i get bigger & bigger i will be an astronaut."
"katie you have a boo boo, oh astronauts can make it all better,
[insert him kissing the boo boo] there katie!
"when i go into outer space i will take you and the babies in my
spaceship." i think this all came from a book.
he is so stinkin smart!!
so for his 3rd bday party last weekend i [with the help of my sis]
bought henry a space suit. he is now really an astronaut!:)
he has worn it everyday since he got it. it has stains on it already.
i love it! he has the best imagination this outfit will get tons of wear.
i wish he could go to the space and rocket center in huntsville, al.
he would totally freak out and never want to leave.
i don't think i have ever seen a cuter astronaut!!

shopping funnies about me...

this picture is from last summer at an amazing flea market in mississippi.
this lamp now hangs over our kitchen table.
i love shopping vintage, but this post is about funny shopping
things that happen to me.

in normal stores like tj maxx, target, giant eagle, etc.
i get mistaken ALOT for these stores employees.
so i guess bc i look so professional
maybe bc i don't look lost in the store.
this happens once or twice a month.
whatever it is it cracks me up.

this one happens every two or three months.
people in the burgh mistake me for someone else.
yesterday at target a lady spoke to me heard my "accent" and said
where are you from? have you lived in pittsburgh your whole life?
pittsburghers have a HUGE accent which is why it
surprised me that she asked that.
i guess i look or act like a pittsburgher.

whether in a store or at an airport people ask me for help.
i think this is strange but then just think i must not look threatening.
they also ask me for directions
to other locations around the burgh. which is weird
bc we have only lived here two years. this usually happens
while shea & i are walking somewhere.
i didn't feel like this happened at all back in our small town.
but being in a big city everyone needs a little help.;)

once when i was in middle school i was at the mall with some
friends shopping. we were in claire's i wasn't paying attention and walked
out w/a toy mouse. i realized it and ran back to the store.
i wasn't brave enough to tell the workers what i had done.
i just threw the mouse back into the store and walked off quickly.
i think of this story often while shopping!

i hope these made you laugh.
when these happen it usually makes my day.
it's the little things.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating 90 years of Life

This as you know from my last post is my Grandmother.
Dottie Wissert
She went to live with Jesus on May 12th 2011.
The day she passed away was the day my Grandpaw(her husband)
was buried 5 years ago. She was so ready to go and be with him.
She was from Queens, New York & had the most incredible accent.
She is amazing at bridge & loved having us visit her.
I remember summers as a kid at her house with my family.
It was some of the most fun times we had.
Her house was so close to the beach & she had a pool in her back yard.
Her house was always full of food and love.
Some things she said were totally inappropriate but b/c
we knew her she meant nothing by it.
She was just being herself.
She told really great jokes & said made up words daily.
The picture above it from my sister's graduation from High School in 2006.
Grandmaw loved being around family esp the Cox family(my mom's fam)
She called them her family all the time & i always loved that.
We went to take care of her belongings this weekend as a family.
i am so blessed to have an Uncle George that helped out
so i could be there for this time.(he bought my plane ticket, he's the best)
the shock of losing Grandmaw was super sad b/c she was suppose
to be moving to Alabama & i was going to get to see her on my
next visit home in June.
She didn't want to move but she did want to be closer to our family.
i am so grateful that i was able to talk to her on mother's day.
She was lonely but she wasn't alone.
Grandmaw you will always be alive in the hearts of mom, dad, loo & i.
i love you & hope you are taking good care of Grandpaw again.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

happy mothers day!

when i think of mothers these are the ladies i see...

my super silly fun moma.
my mom has taught me so much and i am still learning w/her helping me along.

my gran.
my hero where i learned what crafty is.
she is the most incredible person and no matter what she is tops!
look how beautiful she is!!

my grandmaw who is 90 & 1/2 years old.
she has always been a source of wonderful laughter in our family.
i miss your house as much as you do grandmaw.
my mawmaw.
who makes the most beautiful quilts.
i am so blessed to have such a talented lady in my life.
she took such good care of me while i lived in tennessee.
my mother-n-law rene.
who is teaching me with every visit more & more about my
new family.
i am so blessed with so many wonderful women in my life.
as examples and as guides in my day to day.
they are such keepers!
happy happy day of mothers!!