Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Celebrating 90 years of Life

This as you know from my last post is my Grandmother.
Dottie Wissert
She went to live with Jesus on May 12th 2011.
The day she passed away was the day my Grandpaw(her husband)
was buried 5 years ago. She was so ready to go and be with him.
She was from Queens, New York & had the most incredible accent.
She is amazing at bridge & loved having us visit her.
I remember summers as a kid at her house with my family.
It was some of the most fun times we had.
Her house was so close to the beach & she had a pool in her back yard.
Her house was always full of food and love.
Some things she said were totally inappropriate but b/c
we knew her she meant nothing by it.
She was just being herself.
She told really great jokes & said made up words daily.
The picture above it from my sister's graduation from High School in 2006.
Grandmaw loved being around family esp the Cox family(my mom's fam)
She called them her family all the time & i always loved that.
We went to take care of her belongings this weekend as a family.
i am so blessed to have an Uncle George that helped out
so i could be there for this time.(he bought my plane ticket, he's the best)
the shock of losing Grandmaw was super sad b/c she was suppose
to be moving to Alabama & i was going to get to see her on my
next visit home in June.
She didn't want to move but she did want to be closer to our family.
i am so grateful that i was able to talk to her on mother's day.
She was lonely but she wasn't alone.
Grandmaw you will always be alive in the hearts of mom, dad, loo & i.
i love you & hope you are taking good care of Grandpaw again.


Lauren said...

Aww I could cry. That was beautiful sis.

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful tribute to your grandmother Katie. Your grandpa saw her coming and has a big ole smile on his face! Rene' Cole

Anonymous said...

Oh Katie, I'm so glad you had your grandmaw for so long. Reading your tribute, I can tell you will always have wonderful memories of both of them and I know the love goes with them. I'll bet your grandpaw is a happy camper now. Remember, we never lose them, they're always in our hearts and a part of us. That's how love works. Love you, Sweetie...Dotsy

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