Friday, April 29, 2011

diy first birthday decor...

if you know one thing about me you should know
i love party planning!
any type really but esp birthdays.
in march the twins turned one which is a big birthday deal.
there mom and dad wanted a low key party because they had so many folks coming.

the first idea i had was this banner i made from brown grocery bags
i taped them on yellow yarn and it was a big hit!

i think this was my favorite idea.
this hung on their front door and greeted the party guests.
i read it like this alexander & sebastain are one!
i posted the pictures on fun craft paper then put all the pieces on a thick ribbon.

this was the most time consuming but i felt a must have.
little yellow and blue ones for the cupcakes.
also i baked all 50 of the cupcakes w/help from the hen man.

this is just one of the eight windows that a clothes line of pictures is on.
i say is because their moma liked it so much she is leaving them up for a while.
yay cute!!
so i did themed windows the one be low is tiny newborn.
there is also a window of sleeping friends.
which has the friends and family members taking naps w/the boys.
as you can see i used clothes pins and yarn for this.

these one onesies turned out way awesome.
they weren't identical the one below is navy blue and orange [war eagle] ;)
the other was brown and baby blue.
these boys will probably wear these babies for a few more months.
[fyi for his party he did wear pants, i know you were worried]

then for their gift i made them silhouettes of each of the boys.
i will do a separate post for those. :)
i love that their mom just let me do whatever and she loved all of it!

the other decor i did was display their bday cards
all over the entertainment center.
i also picked up 12 balloons for the kiddos at the party to take home.


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