Wednesday, October 19, 2011

worlds largest??

well at the end of september my momma came to visit.
i flew home for one day then the next morning drove with my
mom back to pittsburgh. we did this to clean out some stuff from
her house and turn it into $$$. which means watch
out there is a huge yard sale on its way to the burgh!:)

so on our way to pittsburgh we stopped at maybe 4 or 5 places.
the above picture was one of them.
see what the sign says..i hate to say this but for this gal that sign is a lie.
flea market means old old stuff..well not at this place located in ky.
it was full of fake gucchi purses and puppy mill puppies
and just super redneck new yucky things. i was grossed out.
i did buy two pins one for shea it is a banjo the other is the
state of alabama and it's GREEN. anyways don't go to the
"the most awesome flea market in the world" if you are looking for vintage
or antique bc you will not find much of it there.

this is a pic of baby a and i at reuse pittsburgh.
it is probably one of my top favorite places in the burgh.
i love crafts and i love deals and this place has both.
i have been inspired and surprised everytime i stop by there.

so now that you have some info on two new places.
one of which you can find yucky junk
the second you can find amazing creative favorite!:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pin cushion

so for months i have been looking for the perfect planter piece.
i really like donkeys alot.
so i made this little donkey pulling a wagon into a sewing pin cushion.
the price was so right on this little guy at $2 i was SOLD!

then i already had this vintage piece of fabric and some stuffing.
the vintage fabric i found in a stack and bought the stack for $1.
big spender, right?
then the stuffing and some hot glue..and...there he is!
cute as he can be. i am so glad to have this project done.