Saturday, December 10, 2011

our christmas decor..

well christmas in my house growing up was always TONs
of decorations and i won't lie in my home now it is just as bad.
i try to stick to homemade or vintage items but a few newbies get thru
the cracks every now and again.
so here we go a sneak peek into our festive home.

first is one of my most prize possessions.
this christmas tree was my grandmaw's.
she passed away this year and i inherited it.
i love this tree.

this is how i chose to display our christmas cards this year.
here is a fact about me...i LOVE christmas cards.
our first one was from our dear friends the "betterman's" back in AL.
i have a feeling every year in this house our cards will be in a different place.

this is our 6.5 foot frasier fir christmas tree.
i love everything about them their smell and their look, amazing!
i am also parcial to an angel being on the top, not a bow or a star.
i am sure one day we will have two trees one fakey one real.
that day has not arrived yet so our lovely ornaments will rock this baby.

this to me was the perfect place for our stockings.
back in alabama our stockings are on a mantel but this is the best i've got.
also the first three stockings were made by my amazingly crafty momma.
my stocking was from when i was a baby.
mom made shea a stocking during our first christmas
and kristin got a mommy made stocking this year to match ours.:)

this tree is towel rolls cut to size made by my Gran.
i love this so much.
it was made with love, my Gran is an amazing lady.

this tree was made by our roomie kristin.
it is made from a wine bottle, old book pages, a knitting needle and an angel.
it turned out beautiful and makes a great centerpiece on our table.

i hope you enjoyed this peek.
what are your favorite decorations for christmas?


Michelle said...

Kate - I LOVE your decorations!!! I also love to decorate for Christmas! I used to have five tree! Now I'm down to three trees because I don't have room for all of them.... an Angel Tree, a Snowman Tree, and I'll alternate years between the Family Tree and a Santa Claus Tree!

alabamakate said...

awww michelle i love that! i hope one day to at least have two trees one with a strictly vintage theme. which will probably include the ornaments i had growing up.:)

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