Thursday, December 22, 2011

my around the house favs..

this is my most favorite piece in our bedroom.
i paid $5 for it while traveling with my momma this summer.
i love it!:)

these babies are in what i call the "brown bathroom".
the horses were painted by shea's aunt and grandmother forever ago.
i love them, they are a paint by numbers on velvet.
amazing and perfect for the "brown bathroom".

this is my favorite idea.
when we moved into our new place there was only one towel holder
in the "brown bathroom". our great friend had five beautiful antique ladders
that needed a new home. so i placed one as a towel holder in
the "brown bathroom". the others are in my craft room with my
fabric hung on them.[it helps display them, eeppp love]

this table cloth is from my mothers stash.
i love it.
it may stay on my table for stinking ever!!

readers i'd like to introduce you to my beautiful mother.
well my mother way back in the day.
isn't she amazingly gorgeous??
i found this picture and the frame, it now hangs in our family wall
where it belongs!:)
i hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite things.
i will one day get around to doing a grand tour of our new place.
i just haven't gotten everything just right.

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