Wednesday, January 5, 2011

true grit...continued

ok. so our new years eve was lame in mississippi.
worrying about tornadoes drinking blackberry wine and watching true grit(the real).

i guess what shea & i decided was that the john wayne true grit had a better story line.
in the new movie you wonder how the marshal and the ranger meet.
among other things.
so we would give the john wayne true grit a better rating story wise.
the new true grit has incredible actors and i'm glad they didn't make them exactly the same.
i feel like after seeing the original the two movies don't compare.
i mean 1969 to 2010.
obviously we have come along way actor wise and over all feel of the movie.
the coen's did a good job making an old movie look old.
the only other problem i had with 2010 true grit is
ugh jeff bridges you are so hard to understand.
like he has to much dip in his mouth and just cant control it.

so as confusing as this kinda comparison sounds...that's all i got.
go see both back to back tho before you say one is better than the other though,
please for my poor mothers sake. ;)