Tuesday, December 28, 2010

merry southern christmas!

the cole family christmas card 2010.

vintage adventures...

i was given three of these beauties in three different colors and two different sizes.
from my great friend taniya.
she is my favorite antique shopper.:)
i got two amazing vintage pyrex bowls in jackson mississippi at an antique shop.
i also got one fire king bowl that is a tad different but im diggin these colors.
i have been looking at these for years now and finally made the leap.
these will not be decor. they will be used and loved.
i got two of these amazing frames from the same antique store in mississippi.
they are two different sizes and i fell in love.
i'd like to say i'd make a craft out of them or try to sell them.
to be real with you..i want to put some pictures in them and hang em on my wall.
finally i have been eyeing the saturday evening post art of norman rockwell.
so this years kitchen calendar is a saturday evening post..norman rockwell.
(this image is from the 2008 calendar, but you get how vintagey cute they are)
i also got two poka dot headband wrap things.
which i love.
rockin this short hair and a headband is just the ticket this summer.:)

we had a great christmas.
shea got me some cool vinyl albums for my turn table.
my gran gave me a vintage cross stitch my dad made in 81 of the state of LA & a pelican.
my mom me some vintage inspired ceral bowls, coffee cups, a pitcher, a platter & plates.
that was my vintage christmas gifts this year.

true grit vs. true(r) grit if you will...

well we went and saw true(r) grit on christmas day.
with aunt dotsy, my in-laws and shea everyone loved it.
i call it true(r) grit because a ton of folks are claiming
it is better than the first true grit. the john wayne style grit.
my mother was deeply upset by this statement. why?
bc she like others are die hard john wayners. so on this
cole families to do list is to see/own the true grit.
we will make an assessment of this statement after we have all the info.:)
something else we found...we enjoy westerns. we are watching one now.
i haven't decided my feelings about westerns. i'll get back to ya.
(my mother loves that shea is diggin on some western...oh lord the brownie points)