Thursday, December 22, 2011

my around the house favs..

this is my most favorite piece in our bedroom.
i paid $5 for it while traveling with my momma this summer.
i love it!:)

these babies are in what i call the "brown bathroom".
the horses were painted by shea's aunt and grandmother forever ago.
i love them, they are a paint by numbers on velvet.
amazing and perfect for the "brown bathroom".

this is my favorite idea.
when we moved into our new place there was only one towel holder
in the "brown bathroom". our great friend had five beautiful antique ladders
that needed a new home. so i placed one as a towel holder in
the "brown bathroom". the others are in my craft room with my
fabric hung on them.[it helps display them, eeppp love]

this table cloth is from my mothers stash.
i love it.
it may stay on my table for stinking ever!!

readers i'd like to introduce you to my beautiful mother.
well my mother way back in the day.
isn't she amazingly gorgeous??
i found this picture and the frame, it now hangs in our family wall
where it belongs!:)
i hope you enjoyed seeing my favorite things.
i will one day get around to doing a grand tour of our new place.
i just haven't gotten everything just right.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a christmas find..

this week i had a half day of work.
so i went out antiquing w/shea which was such a fun adventure.
this is my best find.
this baby was a little more expensive than my normal finds, i felt it was worth it.
it can hold lots of ornaments.
i already owned these small ornaments and i love the way
they look on this cute tree.
i am such a sucker for christmas decor.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

our christmas card for 2011...

from our family to yours.

Friday, December 16, 2011

ornament love..

i mentioned in my other post how much i love vintage christmas.
well the ornament below is without a doubt my favorite find ornament wise.
she is so pretty and looks amazing on our tree.
she reminds me of the angels that were on my grandmaw & grandpaws piano.
i love this ornament she is my current favorite.

in close second is this ornament i found with my sister in franklin, tn
i love it bc it's so witty and cute the back of it has the toomers trees on it.
and in third place of my favorite ornament is the clay hedgehog.
i got him from handmade arcade and he is just adorable.

i love christmas a lot, mostly the decorations, lights,
getting dressed up, the music & the fellowship it brings.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

saving amazing chairs..

So at the end of the summer I bought three metal chairs
for our backyard. they weren't the best colors but
they are just my style.
for all three chairs i paid $25 then found out for the price
of one new one at lowes it was $25.
being crafty sure does cut down on costs.:)
this picture is of all three chairs.
the non matching chair had the most rust and i am still working on
getting into better looking condition.
however the other two got a wipe down some sanding and
a new vibrant coat of spray paint.
i love mixing crazy colors for backyard decor so that is what is happening.

this is chair number one which is a bright teal!:)
this color makes our whole backyard a brighter spot to hang.
this color covered the hunter green really easily and with paint left over.
[please forgive the ugly yellow paper in the teal chair picture]

i really wanted a yellow chair so i bit the bullet of many coats with this chair.
it was worth it. i love these colors together.
the third chair will be a bright green and creme color.

i hope this post encourages you to try and find something old
and reuse it rather than just going out and buying something new bc its easy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

our christmas decor..

well christmas in my house growing up was always TONs
of decorations and i won't lie in my home now it is just as bad.
i try to stick to homemade or vintage items but a few newbies get thru
the cracks every now and again.
so here we go a sneak peek into our festive home.

first is one of my most prize possessions.
this christmas tree was my grandmaw's.
she passed away this year and i inherited it.
i love this tree.

this is how i chose to display our christmas cards this year.
here is a fact about me...i LOVE christmas cards.
our first one was from our dear friends the "betterman's" back in AL.
i have a feeling every year in this house our cards will be in a different place.

this is our 6.5 foot frasier fir christmas tree.
i love everything about them their smell and their look, amazing!
i am also parcial to an angel being on the top, not a bow or a star.
i am sure one day we will have two trees one fakey one real.
that day has not arrived yet so our lovely ornaments will rock this baby.

this to me was the perfect place for our stockings.
back in alabama our stockings are on a mantel but this is the best i've got.
also the first three stockings were made by my amazingly crafty momma.
my stocking was from when i was a baby.
mom made shea a stocking during our first christmas
and kristin got a mommy made stocking this year to match ours.:)

this tree is towel rolls cut to size made by my Gran.
i love this so much.
it was made with love, my Gran is an amazing lady.

this tree was made by our roomie kristin.
it is made from a wine bottle, old book pages, a knitting needle and an angel.
it turned out beautiful and makes a great centerpiece on our table.

i hope you enjoyed this peek.
what are your favorite decorations for christmas?

Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanks freakin giving..

first i must tell you i am sooo obsessed with my family.
i love them so very much. they are the perfect people to spend
thanksgiving with and love on.
the pictures below are from my 10 days of thanksgiving vacay.

here is where we stayed in men tone, alabama..the most beautiful cabin.
[actually three cabins full of my big ole family.]
this year we were so fortunate to be in walking distance of all three cabins.
the weather was warm during the day and chilly at night.
we went canoeing, cooked, adventured, antiqued and ate a ton!
i could not ask for more.
this is a picture from my wonderful visit with my sister.
this is the night we went out for sangria with her roomies.
i liked the food and the drink however the service wasn't wonderful.
also for some reason during my vacay when we ate out
the waiters threw my food at me. i am not sure why
but it made me crazy. who throws food??
this is from the day before thanksgiving. we went to chattanooga to
pick up my sis. this is point state park.[i think]
it was super confusing going around and around the mountains.
the view was amazing as was the sky..
i am thankful for a husband that loves my family.
i am thankful for a fun and amazing extended family to take
such good care of us and spend such great quality time with us.
i am thankful for a sister who would work extra so we could hang out.
i am thankful for the truth.
i really cannot put into words the love i have for my family.
in my eyes they are perfect and i hope to make a family
that strong one day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


well folks here they are three halloween costumes that
i either bought or made. due to these three monster kiddos
and planning a halloween party i did not come up with a
creative costume for shea and i.
which bugs me some but i am over it.;)

anywho the pictures below are of my monster creations
and a fabulous astronaut. who wore an adult hockey helmet bc that's what
his parents found for him.
here is seber monster showing you his best monster RAWR!

here is xander monster showing the playful deer
in a headlights face.:)
monster creeping in for yummy treats.
this guy learned how to say trick or treat just in time
which was the CUTEST!
as you know from my older post i gave henry that cool suit back in may.
the monsters i thought would be perfect for two fickle afternoon
18month olds. you never know what to expect so hoodies
were the best and cutest option for this halloween.
i love my boys!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

worlds largest??

well at the end of september my momma came to visit.
i flew home for one day then the next morning drove with my
mom back to pittsburgh. we did this to clean out some stuff from
her house and turn it into $$$. which means watch
out there is a huge yard sale on its way to the burgh!:)

so on our way to pittsburgh we stopped at maybe 4 or 5 places.
the above picture was one of them.
see what the sign says..i hate to say this but for this gal that sign is a lie.
flea market means old old stuff..well not at this place located in ky.
it was full of fake gucchi purses and puppy mill puppies
and just super redneck new yucky things. i was grossed out.
i did buy two pins one for shea it is a banjo the other is the
state of alabama and it's GREEN. anyways don't go to the
"the most awesome flea market in the world" if you are looking for vintage
or antique bc you will not find much of it there.

this is a pic of baby a and i at reuse pittsburgh.
it is probably one of my top favorite places in the burgh.
i love crafts and i love deals and this place has both.
i have been inspired and surprised everytime i stop by there.

so now that you have some info on two new places.
one of which you can find yucky junk
the second you can find amazing creative favorite!:)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pin cushion

so for months i have been looking for the perfect planter piece.
i really like donkeys alot.
so i made this little donkey pulling a wagon into a sewing pin cushion.
the price was so right on this little guy at $2 i was SOLD!

then i already had this vintage piece of fabric and some stuffing.
the vintage fabric i found in a stack and bought the stack for $1.
big spender, right?
then the stuffing and some hot glue..and...there he is!
cute as he can be. i am so glad to have this project done.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my list..

this is the beginning of my christmas list. hehe
might as well get a head start, right?
the theme for this year is old school..the above polaroid camera is from amazon.
i have been eyeing them for a while and i think i want this one.
they are in my price range too.
i may not wait until christmas to get this tho..ha!

these are from etsy
however i think i am going to ask my gran for these for christmas.
she is on a tight budget and what i really want is...
local florence, alabama businesses match books.
they can go in my alabama bathroom!:)

this is also from etsy but i don't need this exact one.
i'd like a few pieces of folk art. i love the ones done on wood..however
im not that picky. the first folk art piece i'd like is of a church.

i also wouldn't mind a few vintage art pieces.
not the creepy ones of people tho, i just can't get into those.;)
maybe the Lord's prayer vintage and framed!:)

i am hunting currently for metal vintage baskets or bins.
if i can't find those maybe some one in nashville could find me one or six?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a few to add to my crafting to-do list..

currently i am growing out my hair which is really hard as you ladies know.
i have had short hair for two years now and i think it is time.
well i have so many things i'd like to do with my hair.
1. braid it myself
2. braid it into a fish tail braid then do this.
3. possibily bleach pieces of it then dye it turquoise like this.
4. i can't wait to have a real solid ponytail again.
5. i cant wait to have my natural wave back!!:)

while searching some of my favorite blogs i came across this.
in our ladies cave aka the basement craft room we have a beat up coffee table.
i am so doing the above craft to make it amazing instead of yick.:)
i love finding new and amazing things to do!

i am planning on trying to put yarn in my hair sooner rather than later.

ps sister you should do it too.;)

last week crafting..

last week we made elmo masks.
yes they are just silly paper ones but so much fun came out of them!
all the kiddos under 3 i know love love love elmo!

here henry is showing off his mask which he wore all day!;)here seber is elmo.
i think i made adult sized masks for baby sized heads, oops!

since the boys got to be elmo...i decided clare should be a flower girl.
isn't her homemade head piece precious??
it matched her outfit so well!:)
she didn't mind wearing it at all.

just some silly kiddos crafts from last week!:)
i hope you enjoyed them.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

see ya summer!

at the beginning of the summer these sweet boys played
with their new water table for the first time.
it wasn't that long ago but they have grown so much over the past 5 months.
here are some see ya summer pictures from the
start of our first summer together.

here is baby a with his amazing hair.
he wasn't able to stand/walk just yet, but he started two months later.:)
this is baby s thrilled about the water!
he was such a crazy baby when it comes to water and he still is now!

here we are our first summer together and our first hot day.

this was such a fun day.
today is a rainy pittsburgh day. this may be a theme for the rest of the week.
we are excited about fall and welcoming it!
we can eat pumpkin flavored stuff, go to on hayrides and play in leaves.
this fall will be an exciting one as the boys continue to learn more
and grow. however id like them to stay 1 and 1/2 forever.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

once upon a wednesday..

today was make teddy bear bread day.
when i was little my momma use to make these with me and my sister.
this bread is adorable and i remember it from my childhood.
so i have passed it on to my favorite kiddos.
here is our bread making day.
the hen man did great with adding the dry ingredients!
this brought me such joy.
he just loves to be a helper and i try to be patient and today was perfect.

putting the bears together after we let it rise for an hour.
adding ears, nose, feet and hands.
then we let these rise for 45 minutes.
the waiting process about killed henry he wanted to eat these bears so bad.

the bears before the rose.:)
the largest bear is the one henry built.
i thought it was hilarious that his was so large!

putting the cranberries(bc we didn't have raisins) in the bears.
the eyes and buttons. i was nervous about their sizes but they turned out alright.

these are looking just like they are suppose to!
this really took me back to being a kiddo.
i loved it, probably more than the kids.

oh man these were a BIG hit! this big huge bear was almost gone by the end of the day.
he was in love with eating this!
the bears(well there were 7 total). the littlest one we call clare bear.;)

little seb liked his alot too! he was thrilled about the cranberries!

this was without a doubt my favorite thing i have done in months!
so glad i could bring my kiddos a little taste of what being
a kid in my mom's house was like!
i brought one home for shea. he was impressed!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

a saturday thrift...

so today my roomie kristin and i ventured out to two flea markets.
one of our favorite ones is in verona, pa.
i found these treasures there!

this picture is a pring of yard that is 5x7 and will be hung in our craft room.
:) i love the colors in this piece.

this is one of the two rugs i bought.
this one is a runner that is in our upstairs hallway.
i fell in love with it and the price was right!:)
the other rug is round and blue and white. its at our front door.<3

this is my new hat box which i made my button collection holder.
it is turquoise with paisleys all over it. it's beautiful!

this is a bench i love.
there is a bench theme going on inside me right now.
i think im over chairs and only want benches.
this one was wayyy too much $$$!
but it's super duper old and i love it.
there was also a wooden white bench i love.
it was covered in junk so i didn't take a picture, but it looked nothing like this one.
i love benches.
this was such a fun trip. i spent 2 hours in the flea market.
no lie i couldve spent all day there.
it is hands down the best place in pittsburgh that i know of.