Wednesday, September 7, 2011

once upon a wednesday..

today was make teddy bear bread day.
when i was little my momma use to make these with me and my sister.
this bread is adorable and i remember it from my childhood.
so i have passed it on to my favorite kiddos.
here is our bread making day.
the hen man did great with adding the dry ingredients!
this brought me such joy.
he just loves to be a helper and i try to be patient and today was perfect.

putting the bears together after we let it rise for an hour.
adding ears, nose, feet and hands.
then we let these rise for 45 minutes.
the waiting process about killed henry he wanted to eat these bears so bad.

the bears before the rose.:)
the largest bear is the one henry built.
i thought it was hilarious that his was so large!

putting the cranberries(bc we didn't have raisins) in the bears.
the eyes and buttons. i was nervous about their sizes but they turned out alright.

these are looking just like they are suppose to!
this really took me back to being a kiddo.
i loved it, probably more than the kids.

oh man these were a BIG hit! this big huge bear was almost gone by the end of the day.
he was in love with eating this!
the bears(well there were 7 total). the littlest one we call clare bear.;)

little seb liked his alot too! he was thrilled about the cranberries!

this was without a doubt my favorite thing i have done in months!
so glad i could bring my kiddos a little taste of what being
a kid in my mom's house was like!
i brought one home for shea. he was impressed!


Michelle said...

I am very impressed with the bears!! You're great with children!

Lauren said...

I don't remember these! Where was I? Mom and dad probably hadn't adopted me yet! :)

alabamakate said...

thanks michelle!!:)

you must have been too little. but who knows the adoption may not have gone thru yet. ;) how did they find a baby that looks so much like me was crazy! xo

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