Tuesday, September 20, 2011

a few to add to my crafting to-do list..

currently i am growing out my hair which is really hard as you ladies know.
i have had short hair for two years now and i think it is time.
well i have so many things i'd like to do with my hair.
1. braid it myself
2. braid it into a fish tail braid then do this.
3. possibily bleach pieces of it then dye it turquoise like this.
4. i can't wait to have a real solid ponytail again.
5. i cant wait to have my natural wave back!!:)

while searching some of my favorite blogs i came across this.
in our ladies cave aka the basement craft room we have a beat up coffee table.
i am so doing the above craft to make it amazing instead of yick.:)
i love finding new and amazing things to do!

i am planning on trying to put yarn in my hair sooner rather than later.

ps sister you should do it too.;)

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