Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday funday projects..

today i sewed up three projects and put together one.
this babies have been on my to do list for months.
here they finally are.
our kitchen window that has been naked since we moved in.
it got some serious spring color today!
this fabric is a vintage bed sheet scrap that i purchased from creative reuse.
no lie i have had this scrap for prob 6 or 7 a slacker.;)
this is the teenie tiny window at our back door that had a raggedy old curtain.
which i have replaced with a matching curtain to the window one.
its adorable. i love it.

this lamp i have been dying to make.
i bought this old golf ball basket for $10 about 5 months ago.
i finally put this bad boy together to avoid using the yucky colored light
in our kitchen. this light is much more warm and inviting.
i love the way it came out.
sundays are my crank them out days.
my plan was to make pillows for our bed well i made all these things instead.
oh and i also made a draft blocker for our backdoor with fabric
my roomie bought from creative reuse. it is so fun!!

visits 2012..

i realized something...
i have the most amazing people in my life.
however some of my most favorite people don't live close.
i am so blessed though bc they love me enough to come visit.

this beautiful amazing girl came in january.
we had such fun adventures and really spent quality time together.
it was perfect.

this cute girl will be visiting in march and i couldn't be more excited!
this is her second visit but her first time to come solo.
oh man do i have some incredible things planned when she comes.
this is face[emma] and she is my favorite 13 year old.

the next visitor i have coming is my best friend taniya.
i truly love this girl. this is her first trip to the burgh.
she is a lot like my sister and i so her visit will be nothing less than amazing.
i cannot wait for her and her sweet baby jayne to visit.
she is crafty and a super mom all around amazing.

i also realized yesterday..that how blessed am i that people would
come visit me. drop what they are doing to fly all
the way to freezing pittsburgh to visit. i am so lucky to have such great people.
i love each of you and i am thankful for your visits and for you.

Monday, February 6, 2012

french press koozie..

homemade french press koozie!!
this i made from an old sweater, a piece of felt, ribbon and buttons.

this bad boy will keep your coffee warm while you get dressed in the morning!
cute hu??
i want to make my sister one but she won't send a pic of her french press!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

scrabble for the bedside..

well this is one of the best ideas i have ever had!
i have been looking and looking for the perfect bedside table.
after waiting forever i came up with this idea.
a scrabble board bedside table.
bc i like being super thrifty this whole project cost around $14!
that is a great price to pay for one of a kind!!:)
the scrabble board and perfect piece of scrap wood came from creative reuse!
creative reuse inspires me every time i go in.
it is def my top crafty needs shop!
the bottom half of the bedside table as you can probably tell is an old vintage
fruit box. i have been collecting these every time i see them.
this particular one came from our thanksgiving trip to mentone, al!
this project was so fun and easy. the scrap wood wasn't painted when i bought
it so i painted it a bright blue and the nailed the two wooden pieces together.
i also added wood glue to reinforce the nails then wood glued the board on.
i think i may add one shelf to give me just a little more room for magazines & books.
over all this is one of my favorite things i have done ever!
what do you think??

pictures in the window..

this is my answer to no more holes in our bedroom walls.

when we moved into our new place we painted one room and that was our bedroom.
it is this beautiful color green and it kills me every time i nail holes in our walls.
sooo this is my answer i saw this some where online, i can't remember where.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

projects in the works..

Forgive the ugly paper in these pictures and also
forgive the paper towels. as the title says this is a work in progress. I bought this tiny gold lamp for my bed side table. it has now been spray painted periwinkle. so that it kinda matches my bedside table. I paid $2 for this lamp and today i bought a lamp shade for it. the lamp shade i will decoupage alabama things on. maybe a map maybe some magazines the sky is the limit!:)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

a garden i desire..

Here is the thing our back yard is concrete & i am counting down until spring when i can fight w/it. However i want a garden just like the one to the left there. i love it. if you notice there isn't any flowers in it. maybe bc it's winter or maybe bc it's bc it doesn't need it. all it needs are beautiful succulents and greenery. this is the garden i desire. i love that it is rustic and filled with things other than flowers. i am sure that most people wouldn't love this in their yard or flower bed. but me so there ya go, i am the kinda gal that loves rustic and green. so concrete enjoy your winter I'm coming for ya in the spring!:)