Sunday, February 5, 2012

scrabble for the bedside..

well this is one of the best ideas i have ever had!
i have been looking and looking for the perfect bedside table.
after waiting forever i came up with this idea.
a scrabble board bedside table.
bc i like being super thrifty this whole project cost around $14!
that is a great price to pay for one of a kind!!:)
the scrabble board and perfect piece of scrap wood came from creative reuse!
creative reuse inspires me every time i go in.
it is def my top crafty needs shop!
the bottom half of the bedside table as you can probably tell is an old vintage
fruit box. i have been collecting these every time i see them.
this particular one came from our thanksgiving trip to mentone, al!
this project was so fun and easy. the scrap wood wasn't painted when i bought
it so i painted it a bright blue and the nailed the two wooden pieces together.
i also added wood glue to reinforce the nails then wood glued the board on.
i think i may add one shelf to give me just a little more room for magazines & books.
over all this is one of my favorite things i have done ever!
what do you think??


Annick said...

Hello Katie! I've been reading your blog and is so amazing everything you are doing (craft stuff) and living up there in Pitsburg, i can tell you're living a great and fun life; and that makes me really happy for you. I really hope i would have the chance to visit you some time. I care about you like a big sis for me, since I never had one.

About this bedsedie table... no words! you're just sooo creative and I love it! Miss ya´ll

alabamakate said...

I just saw this! thanks so much!! i really love the life shea and i have built for ourselves.:) i think of you often! i miss ya. you are welcome to visit any time! :)

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