Sunday, November 27, 2011

thanks freakin giving..

first i must tell you i am sooo obsessed with my family.
i love them so very much. they are the perfect people to spend
thanksgiving with and love on.
the pictures below are from my 10 days of thanksgiving vacay.

here is where we stayed in men tone, alabama..the most beautiful cabin.
[actually three cabins full of my big ole family.]
this year we were so fortunate to be in walking distance of all three cabins.
the weather was warm during the day and chilly at night.
we went canoeing, cooked, adventured, antiqued and ate a ton!
i could not ask for more.
this is a picture from my wonderful visit with my sister.
this is the night we went out for sangria with her roomies.
i liked the food and the drink however the service wasn't wonderful.
also for some reason during my vacay when we ate out
the waiters threw my food at me. i am not sure why
but it made me crazy. who throws food??
this is from the day before thanksgiving. we went to chattanooga to
pick up my sis. this is point state park.[i think]
it was super confusing going around and around the mountains.
the view was amazing as was the sky..
i am thankful for a husband that loves my family.
i am thankful for a fun and amazing extended family to take
such good care of us and spend such great quality time with us.
i am thankful for a sister who would work extra so we could hang out.
i am thankful for the truth.
i really cannot put into words the love i have for my family.
in my eyes they are perfect and i hope to make a family
that strong one day.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


well folks here they are three halloween costumes that
i either bought or made. due to these three monster kiddos
and planning a halloween party i did not come up with a
creative costume for shea and i.
which bugs me some but i am over it.;)

anywho the pictures below are of my monster creations
and a fabulous astronaut. who wore an adult hockey helmet bc that's what
his parents found for him.
here is seber monster showing you his best monster RAWR!

here is xander monster showing the playful deer
in a headlights face.:)
monster creeping in for yummy treats.
this guy learned how to say trick or treat just in time
which was the CUTEST!
as you know from my older post i gave henry that cool suit back in may.
the monsters i thought would be perfect for two fickle afternoon
18month olds. you never know what to expect so hoodies
were the best and cutest option for this halloween.
i love my boys!!