Sunday, June 19, 2011

birthday celebration..

so i turned 26 this year!
i love parties and party planning so throwing parties for bdays is my fav!
here are some shots from my party.
this is me & the twins momma stacey.
she's the best!:)

me & the henster...he's crazy!
alexander & i. sweetest baby.

i hung balloons in the trees.
the kiddos wanted them so at the end i cut them down and gave them away.
it was a super hot day so i put up umbrellas in the not shaded tables.

this is robby and the pick your own nose cup.
his was a zebra. haha best cups ever!

my birthday cake/fruit tart. best one ever!!:)
thanks food glorious food!
the birthday spread was an avocado bar.
which had all kinds of stuff to make guacamole with.
we also had chicken, salsa, fruit and i made a mango salsa!

it was truly a wonderful birthday!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

oh me oh my yarn bombing

my newest obsession, yarn bombing!!
national yarn bombing day was June 11th!:)
i have been keeping an eye out for yarn bombing in pitt
but haven't seen any yet.
we have beautiful murals but not wonderfully colorful yarn bombings.
here are some of my favorite bombings i found awesome would it be to see this cool hat in the dark
deary colors in winter. it would change my wintery cold attitude.

i love this web like crocheting!
i think without a doubt this is my favorite because it is so
amazingly gorgeous. just imagine wedding photos with a tree like this.

how precious are these yarn flowers on a construction fence.
this would be a perfect pittsburgh yarn bombing bc we
have so so so so much construction.
i will admit now in my post that i cannot crochet or knit, yet.
one day i will find the patience inside myself
and learn this wonderful craft.
sooooo many wonderful colors.
such an amazing form of graffiti which takes the greys and blacks
of a city and brings bright bold colors in.
i love this so very much. someone in pittsburgh do this in highland
park bc it would look amazing!:)

if you wanna see more cool yarn bombings check out...this site

photo credits
one. two. three. four.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my burday wish list..

these are on the top of my bday wish list.
these are in no order as far as most or least favorite.
1. is old old old like 1900s Jane Austen books. I prefer a hardback
these are hard to find but could be discovered at an estate sale.:)
2. new make up hopefully from somewhere like sephora. i will be
26 and i think it is about time i have makeup from somewhere other
than walmart. ha!
3. a large vintage fiestaware pitcher
4. a vintage or vintage looking lock it. nothing too big but something
ornate is what i am hoping for.
5. a formica table hopefully green or turquoise with it's leaf and four
or more chairs. my mom had one of these growing up hers was yellow.
i love them. what a beautiful table.
6. these are just two bowls that i love. i would like a large size bowl
either handmade or vintage. something decorative for parties.

i would like a new camera but an affordable awesome one.
i am in need of a pedicure in the worst way. hopefully i can get one for my bday.


Monday, June 13, 2011

vintage clothing...

two weeks ago i started collecting vintage clothes.
i love the styles of the 60s and 70s.
so my collecting has a purpose...i am going to stock my etsy shop with vintage clothes.
this is just a preview, i have about 15 pieces now.
i am saving the best piece for last in this post.
i know all these pieces will look better on a person
so i found someone to be a model for them which i'm stoked about.

this first piece is a dress that fits really well and is comfortable
and fashion for today.
this is a close up of the design of the dress.

this jacket kind of fits me but is a tad snug.
i love the plaid and the style is so fun!

this shirt is fun.
it is a cool pattern with an awesome tie around it.

this is my most favorite find.
i found it last week at an estate sale.
this ladies style was crazy, i always love finding people
that hang on to vintage pieces like this one.
my sister says it's very mary tyler moore.
i think i love this dress the most bc its green.
i stinking love GREEN!;)
here is the thing about these clothes as you can see they are wrinkley.
also there are some minor tears that i will fix.
then wash and get these wrinkles gone before i start the real photography
for selling. i really love hunting for these clothes.
i am kind of picky too.:)
i hope you enjoyed this post!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

thrifty finds...

on saturday shea & i got up early & headed to estate/yard sales.
so the first estate sale had tons of fabric almost too much.
it was very overwhelming. i just couldn't dig any more
so i just got a few bc i have to be real w/the amount of space we have.:)

so we just got a new couch that is also a twin bed.(no not a futon)
these fun vintage sheets were 3 bucks.
so we now have a vintage set of sheets for our guest couch.
hint hint..lauren we are ready for you to visit!;)

how amazing are these super vintage patterns.
i think i got 13 of these bad boys.
the plan is to sell them on etsy prob 3 at a time.
i'm keeping the little kiddo pattern tho.
also check out the cool vogue them!!

shea cole is super surprising during these sales.
i never know what he will come out with & these were his picks.
these funky fun buttons. we might be making some into magnets.
he usually goes for the books so when we laughed about all these buttons
i was sold.:) such a cute lil husband.
so one of my favorite movies is pride & prejudice.
i have been hunting for old jane austen books bc i love the language & the love.
the copy of mansfield park below is from 1965.
i'd like hardback but for now i'll take what i can get.
i don't read much but i plan on reading this one starting this summer.

hello beautiful! this is my favorite find! two rot iron chairs!
i love the lime green & the floral patterns are incredible.
these are now our most comfy lawn furniture!
these are low to the ground & amazing!
it makes me think of old 70s movies.
this one is my fav of the two!
the lady from this sale was really friendly & gave us a great deal.
both chairs for $45.
they are in good condition the rot iron has hardly any scratches on it.
endless possibilities for these wonderful chairs.
they could be repainted & recovered & reawesomed.
i love love love finding vintage treasures.
the hunt is half the fun & i get soooooo excited about saturday
mornings that we go a hunting.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

diy silhouettes

these silhouettes were made for the twins first birthday.
i figured since they are just one and don't know the difference
this was the perfect gift for their parents.
sebastain is on the left and alexander is on the right!

things i learned from this diy project.
do not do this on the floor if you have a dog that sheds.
sebastain's was 10x cuter but it had dog hair all in it so i had to remake it.
these frames were purchased at a thrift store, i recommend buying from there.
girls/babies with more hair make for a more interesting silhouette.
alexander's is super cute bc the top of his hair was sticking up.
the twins momma was so excited about these.
it took me about two hours to make them.
i wrote the boys a note on the back of the frame.

i hope when i have kids they too will have cute silhouette pictures.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


not only bc your my birth month but...
bc you are so warm & sunny.
bc you are filled with yard sales & flea markets.
bc csa's start.
bc all the tastiest most beautiful fruit begins being cheap.
bc you allow for shorts/skirts/dresses & flops everyday.
bc you contain father's day & i love father's day crafts.
bc bbq's/hang outs randomly happen at our apts almost everyday.
bc the pools come out, including mine! eeeepp!!
bc i get to go home to see my best folks & my fam.
bc my toenails can be so bright & match 90% of my outfits.
bc you bring perfect night time running weather.

what are your favorite things in june?

photo credit