Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my burday wish list..

these are on the top of my bday wish list.
these are in no order as far as most or least favorite.
1. is old old old like 1900s Jane Austen books. I prefer a hardback
these are hard to find but could be discovered at an estate sale.:)
2. new make up hopefully from somewhere like sephora. i will be
26 and i think it is about time i have makeup from somewhere other
than walmart. ha!
3. a large vintage fiestaware pitcher
4. a vintage or vintage looking lock it. nothing too big but something
ornate is what i am hoping for.
5. a formica table hopefully green or turquoise with it's leaf and four
or more chairs. my mom had one of these growing up hers was yellow.
i love them. what a beautiful table.
6. these are just two bowls that i love. i would like a large size bowl
either handmade or vintage. something decorative for parties.

i would like a new camera but an affordable awesome one.
i am in need of a pedicure in the worst way. hopefully i can get one for my bday.


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