Sunday, April 3, 2011

my little goodies...

ok. so here are some of my antiques i have acquired.

this is one of my favs. my hedgehog planter.
i found at an flea market for .50.
random but precious!

this was a killer find.
i got these two cans that are full of circular puzzles.
i found the three of these at a yard sale for $1 a piece.
the lady i bought them from was like these i prob worth something...
you should take them to the antiques road show. [awesome!]
on the left is an andy warhol then a woodstock on the right.
also there is a third can that is a bee hive. i gave it to my baby sister.

i found the middle planter on the side of the road.
i found the candle sticks at a mississippi flea market for $2
my goal is to collect yellow glass as pieces to display all together as set one day.

these awesome books about sewing i found for $1 each at construction junction in the burgh.
the red book doesn't have a date in it but the pictures inside are 50s looking.
then the yellow book is from 1922.

welp ya'll i hope you loved a peek into my collection.
also all photography was done by shea cole.
he had a blast!


Anna L said...

O_O I want that hedgehog....its adorable. I think we need to go flea market-ing together!

alabamakate said...

i think so too! i have an armadillo book end as well that is an odd animal i love! lets go treasure hunting!!:)

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