Saturday, April 2, 2011


welp the flea market antique sale was a flop and here's why.
the weather was super cold, extremely windy & they were calling for snow.
there was about 15 vendors there when it is usually 50+.
they also starting packing up at 10am after getting there at 8am.
to their credit. they had some unique amazing antiques.
i will go back but not until may.

so due to no newbies to blog about i'll show some of my favs.

one. this amazing lockit that i love.
two. this dress. the shape & style wow.
three. old books. oh geez my new obsession.
four. this arty bright card set.
five. vintage pittsburgh, awesome! go bucs!

i hope this post was fun.
i am planning on getting pictures of some of our other little vintage items soon.
so stay tuned.
also we are headed to hunt some estate sales. fingers crossed for treasures. :)


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