Saturday, August 6, 2011

yarn bombing in pittsburgh

ok so i told you guys i would be on the look out for this
and here it is!! a yarn bombing in pittsburgh.
as you can see this is a beautiful statue of pittsburghs own mr. rogers.
has been yarn bombed with a beautiful red crocheted sweater!
what a wonderful idea! this statue was put in 2009 our first year in the burgh.
we also went to the last time mr. rogers neighborhood was setup at WQED.
so here's how i found it. we were showing shea's brother around pittsburgh
and went by the steelers stadium on the north shore.
then i said and there's mr. rogers statue.
i then screamed "STOP! OMG I have to take a picture he has been bombed!"

this kids mom fussed at him for getting in my picture and i said that's
what he's here for.:)
this real great lady was asked to make a sweater for him!
i am stoked i got to see this and take pictures to share!
i think mr. rogers would have loved his giant red sweater!


Michelle said...

Wow!!! This is amazing! Great find!

D.Cooper said...

How cool is that? Love it!

Anna L said...

Thats awesome!!! I have only ever seen this done on trees.

Michele said...

Does anyone know of any charity "yarn bombing" events coming up in Pittsburgh this year?

tap said...

Great shots! May I use one in my post on yarn bombing on I'll give you full credit!

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