Sunday, August 28, 2011

the alabama bathroom..

with a new home comes new decorating ideas.
this is the beginning of the alabama bathroom.
just to clarify...this is the state of alabama not the football team.
[no crimson and grey in this house;)]

the picture below is my alabama angel which helped this come to life
in my head. she was in my craft room but i would like everyone
to see her.:)

my next favorite part of the alabama bathroom is the vintage map
i got off etsy. i love it and it fits this bathroom perfectly.

there are also two pictures on either side of the angel
one of a building at my college una.
the other is popes tavern a site to see in our little town.
this bathroom is a work in progress but i love it!
i already have a great friend who has found some art for it!
i cannot wait to post about that piece.
it's a vintage alabama picture her dad took!(amazing!!)
the other piece in this bathroom is a kids book called
A is for goes thru the ABCs of the state of Alabama things.
i love it. it was a gift from my sweet momma!
i am from alabama and i love my state now those that visit can
see my love for it. hurray!:)

this bench was a great find this weekend.
it is 25 years old and was handmade by the husband of the lady we
purchased it from. my husband found it and it wasn't what i had
in mind of the bench i am looking for but i said sure.
we love this bench. it was the only thing worth talking about
from our thrifty weekend.
i am still on the hunt for a long long bench for our new big kitchen
table, but this one will be a nice seat for now.:)

new house posts coming soon!

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