Friday, February 26, 2010 time.

the headband above inspired me. i am totally making headbands tonight along with my spring wreath which will look similar to the one in the picture.

the other two images are my crafts that will be going up on etsy while my husband is across the world from me. so lots of free time for me. until i go to alabama on thursday. which i am stoked about this will be real time to spend in my home town. i haven't gotten to do that since last june.

also our house is out of control dirty. mostly our living room that my crafts have taken over. the couch is covered in snacks and crafts. good thing for bones on dvd. keeps me on taskish. i hope i get a ton of scrapbooking done tomorrow. also get some cool bloggin in for you guys to read. i have some cool ideas up my sleeve and seeing as i have about 40 to 50 crafts going at one time it should get interesting.

one more thing. i have been watching it snow big all day. word is the streets are bad(im not leaving to find out) and we have more snow to come. this should be a fun one. a good way to start my husbandless time.

stay warm.

ps the first two pics are by vita designs

Thursday, February 18, 2010

real quick..

first off a preview of what i am working on...

it is just a pic of one that is close to what i am making.
i only have about 7 flowers made as of now. i am aiming for about 25-30:)
here is a link to credit them[]=tags&includes[]=title

some great music you should def check out..
joshua radin - nowhere to go [i love his song sky too check it as well]

also check out..
patty griffins new album downtown church [its amazing]

so tomorrow i am going to erie pa for the first time. im so stoked!
three reasons why i can't wait..
1. taking pics with my bff mandy mae.
2. sleeping at wanmaws w/moey mae.
3. hanging with the rimmers all weekend.

stay warm this weekend folks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

first time in a long time..

welp this is where i here are updates on life lately.

pittsburgh holds things i love like..bubble teas[from rose tea], Italian ice, incredible consignment shops, bakeries [tons to chose from], parks parks and more parks, snow, construction junction, imadeit, oh yeah![its fabulous ice cream],the strip district, paris 66, urban outfitters, kards unlimited and $5 movie nights.

there is much more i could list but this stuff is the most important in my opinion.
feel free to add some. i love trying new places and things.

one of the most important things pittsburgh holds for me is incredible people.
people i know i will keep in touch with after this experience is over.
some of which i don't know how i would've made it through this year without!:)

last week at bible study was told the most interesting fact...
pastors wives do not have pastors. this really is sticking with me.
so the women i am meeting in seminary will be my go to women.
they are who i confide in and trust and it will only grow after we get a church.

there is so so much that i have learned about myself and shea this year.
i am excited to see what's up next for our family.
one of the things that is new for me this year is numerous girlfriends.
which is sooooo not my norm. i usually have a max of two not including my sister.
i feel like since our move here. i have ten or so which is nuts and i love it.
another difference here is i really feel like i am having an impact.

i hope to one day be able to work a half day at a "real job"
then the second part of the day go into "my studio" and create.

oh and my wants for after our graduation from seminary are..
a real bed with a headboard and footboard.
our anniversary that year going to disney.
my art stuff to have its own space.
a video camera..maybe a real camera.

ok folks this is my new deal. i want to keep this up.

i will post crafts i am working on and even some for you to work on.
also here i will post updates to my etsy page.

stay warm.