Tuesday, January 10, 2012

spray paint sunday..

it has been slightly warmer here however it was a little too cold
to spray paint outside and it actually dry at a normal rate.
so i spray painted in our basement.
it stunk for a while but these projects were well worth it.

this was something i had wanted to do for a while and finally
had a few hours to knock them out.
here is my very first iphone case.
it was a dark grey.

i really wanted to use a teal spray paint so for it to show up i sprayed
the case cream colored before covering it with a small piece of lace.
then sprayed it with the teal blue.
the hardest part was making sure i didn't spray too much at once.
BOOM newly crafted case.
i love the way it came out.

the other big project i took on this sunday was a coffee table
that came with our house. it was from ikea and it had a few koolaid stains on it.
so before i could even start on this it had to change colors.
our house has mostly brown and tan furniture so i sprayed this baby cream.

after letting that dry for an hour i covered the top with lace
and sprayed it with a salmon color. this process took about 3 coats.

i let it dry for an hour before peeling off the lace to reveal the pattern.
this is a close up of the table after it was totally done.

this was a fun project it takes serious patience and lots of space.
i like the way it turned out.
i might do another color on top of this one.
i haven't quite decided yet.

what have you spray painted lately?

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you are too cute!

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