Wednesday, September 26, 2012

revamped toms

sooo i have had a pair of toms for about three and half years.
i knew when i got them that they weren't going to last forever.
so this is what the before looked like..

 and this is the after.
 with a patch of fabric, some fabric glue, a needle, thread
and good company they have new life.
[fyi this project took about an hour and a half, it was worth it]

i am excited about these shoes being fixed up for fall.
i think when the rest of the shoe gives out i will recover the whole shoe.
i am just not ready to let the cool burlap look go just yet.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

metal cart redo

so i posted about a metal cart i found for $2 about a month ago.
i am planning on it being a hot chocolate cart.

here is the cart currently in our kitchen.
i used a metal paint by martha stewart and it matches some
of the colors of my vintage pyrex.

it is all ready for the fall..ready for hot chocolate serving.

Monday, September 24, 2012


alright folks.
i have just started collecting these little beauties.
they are called frogs and they are so much fun!
i have around 6 of them now.
two are holding up pictures & two are holding flowers from my friends garden.
the other two are waiting for a purpose.:)
the one above and the one below are just slightly different.
i like them bc they already have a small vase attached.

this is what the other four look like.
they are all different sizes.
if you google metal vintage frogs there are some amazing looking ones.

i hope to one day own the super cool looking ones then group them together.
im starting my little metal frog family.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

favorite find..

this old flag.
its kinda yellowed, kinda torn up at the bottom and kinda awesome.
i loved it and i really don't know why.
i just want to hang it in a room.
not because of any reason other than i think its beautiful.

i only paid $5 for it.
from an estate sale of course.
it is the most fun to me to hunt for these super awesome old treasures.

portable dishwasher upgrade

well we bought this portable dishwasher about a year ago.
it was used off of craigslist.
most of our home is white bc we are renting.
so i am adding color where i can.:)

 i had a roll of vintage wallpaper i had just laying around.
our kitchen counter in our duplex matches this yellow.

so with some hot glue and some time boom.
vintage dishwasher upgrade.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

happy first day of fall

happy first day of fall y'all!
this was the first mum i planted this week.

found this coffee can at an estate sale for 50 cents.
it is just the look i wanted for our front porch.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

homemade three tier stand..

i have been dying to make this since i first saw it on Life as a Thrifter.
i did mine way different so here are my supplies.
can you see the darker candle stick and that bow thing?
there was also something similar to it on the top but i broke it off.
so tacky.

i went with white bc i want these babies to display most of my seasonal decor.
this may change bc i am in not a white kinda gal.
[guess what that beautiful teal color metal cart.]

here is the finished product.
i really like it. i hope it does all i imagine it will.

 i got everything for this project from many of my favorite pgh spots.
two estate sales, creative reuse & the habitat restore.

the bottom tray is my favorite part of this whole deal.
those handles just make it for me. i love it!
also i am not 100% but i think i made this whole project for about $3.
boom even better.
what are your thoughts about the white??

Sunday, September 9, 2012

labor day white water

our great friends the mckee's had the best idea for labor day.
go white water rafting in ohio pyle.

the picture below is the before of all of us.
this is my favorite group. i am so blessed to know them.

 look how cute we are!

 this is our after picture.
i love shea's face in this picture. it is priceless.

and this is us. can i just tell you that all of the pictures of us rafting i am making
oh crap faces. it was kind of crazy rafting without an acl but
i would def do it again. i freaking loved it so much. 

also our group was so good at rafting. 
our movement through the water was like clockwork.
it was truly incredible. i wouldn't change a thing.

the best pgh has to offer...

well i need to tell you all a secret.
pittsburgh, pa is home to the most amazing vintage/antique things.
i have tried other places but pgh has it.
it has all items and the prices are UNBEATABLE!

i stopped at four on saturday and one on sunday.
we will start with sunday bc well it's today.

below you you will see two perfect condition pieces of fiesta ware.
bought from an estate sale for wait for it.......$10!!!
i about flipped. these babies look great with my collection.
my mom wanted me to get china for my wedding but lets be real
i am not the china kinda gal. so fiesta had my name all over it and well
my collection needs some new pieces.:)

i have been searching for these boxes for months.
i am so excited to have found two of them for a steal..
$5 each! i am making the coolest shelving unit and these babies complete it!

so i love green. any shade of green really and the table below was perfect.
i only have one giant foldable table. so this little card table was just right for us.
we are big game players in our house so this will get alot of use!

so just fyi this is only a few of the things i got.
i got my great friend caroline a knife block.
i got my wonderful friend lisa a beautiful glass pitcher.
i got three in perfect shape dresses for $10!
[i am dying to wear them]
i also found 4 things of yard.[two green & two teal] for $2
i do have one more thing but it is for a later post!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

my working wish list...

so i have been making a wish list.
i have gone to many estate sales, yard sales and moving sales looking for a 
cabinet like the one below.
i want something not super fancy and not wide.
the one below would look coolio in my kitchen.

this is the number one book on my list.
the recipes are amazing and i love the southern goodness.

i am also hoping to soonish find a great camping lantern.
similar to the one in the link above.
i don't have any reason to like it other than it matches our tent.
also coleman stuff is about middle of the line which i like.:)

we also have a gaping hole in our air mattress.
i'd like an air mattress that allows for camping and in home use.
i also am always collecting more vintage bright colored pyrex!

i think this weekend i am hitting estate sales HARD!

Monday, September 3, 2012


i love love love sunflowers.
they are my most favorite flowers.
my mom found this amazing doily at an estate sale.
she gave it to be and i am using it to hide the grease mark on this great rocker.

 lookie lookie another gift!!
my hens starting making chicks.
i have been waiting and two of them getting CRUSHED by sunlight made chicks.
i love them!!

question one does the rocker look granny?
question two how do i make my hydrangea flower??
thanks guys!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

bye for now boys..

welp this past week was one of my toughest.
i had to say goodbye to my days w/two of my favorite dudes.

this is a and this picture is from our last adventure together on friday.

this is s and this also is from our last adventure.

welp i have cried and cried but it is time for me to let these dudes grow up.
they start school on tuesday and i will miss them like crazy.