Monday, May 28, 2012

latest additions..

these are my latest creations for the alabama bathroom.
is it weird that this is my favorite room of this house.
well it is. i think these two changes are the finishing touches.
i hope to always have an alabama bathroom.:)

this is a canvas pop creation i made with a vintage photo taken
by doc sunquist and mrs nancy on their honeymoon.
they drove all over and their daughter sent me this picture bc
she knows my love for good ole alabama.:)

this is a basket my mom gave me a while back i nailed a hanger on the back.
it has been hanging for a few months now.
last night i decided it needed a little more.
my mom couldn't read my writing...can you? ;)

i am still working on my dress however i broke my sewing machine.
;) xo

shea had a bday

shea bday is the official start to summer for me.
i love love love throwing/hosting parties.
our friends brought sides and we provided the rest.

i worked hard to get our yard looking beautiful and it has held up well.
i love the metal snail.
i got it at a nashville art fair when i visited my sis.
he's made of repurposed metal.[i love snails, fake ones ;)]

here are the boys!!

there's the birthday boy and his very best friend.
these two are my favorite guys!:)
[shea is thrilled]

i made shea a fruit tart for his party.
it was tasty. here is the recipe!:)
[i changed the white chocolate part into one box of vanilla pudding.]

the ladies of the party.

shea's cast iron tea pot and his cream and sugar.
this was his big present from me.
he loved his "man pot"

ahhh another successful birthday for mister cole.
it was a blast!

surprise your sister!

so i realized a week before my sisters birthday that i hadn't been to
a birthday of hers in 5-7 years. it had been entirely too long.
so i drove 9 hours to surprise her for her bday!:)
with the help of our amazing friend elizabeth we totally surprised her!
i loved it and so did she!

i helped anna make sombrero cookies.
these bad boys were tasty.

look how stinking cute my family is.
i love these three so dang much!

we wissert women. <3

this was such a great visit with my sister and my family.
i cannot wait to see them again in about a month!!