Tuesday, January 10, 2012

spray paint sunday..

it has been slightly warmer here however it was a little too cold
to spray paint outside and it actually dry at a normal rate.
so i spray painted in our basement.
it stunk for a while but these projects were well worth it.

this was something i had wanted to do for a while and finally
had a few hours to knock them out.
here is my very first iphone case.
it was a dark grey.

i really wanted to use a teal spray paint so for it to show up i sprayed
the case cream colored before covering it with a small piece of lace.
then sprayed it with the teal blue.
the hardest part was making sure i didn't spray too much at once.
BOOM newly crafted case.
i love the way it came out.

the other big project i took on this sunday was a coffee table
that came with our house. it was from ikea and it had a few koolaid stains on it.
so before i could even start on this it had to change colors.
our house has mostly brown and tan furniture so i sprayed this baby cream.

after letting that dry for an hour i covered the top with lace
and sprayed it with a salmon color. this process took about 3 coats.

i let it dry for an hour before peeling off the lace to reveal the pattern.
this is a close up of the table after it was totally done.

this was a fun project it takes serious patience and lots of space.
i like the way it turned out.
i might do another color on top of this one.
i haven't quite decided yet.

what have you spray painted lately?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

if these don't make you laugh...

and make your day better...
i don't think we can be friends.
this was the highlight to my crazy stressful week.

the funniest thing is she hasn't napped correctly all week until today.
thank you Jesus for that nap. she is being so fun.

she took this one. haha just by hitting the computer.
happy accident.
i love this and hope you do too.

this has truly been the best day yet this week.
my second favorite part of today is that the sunlight is so bright
it is filling the whole house which means no need for fake light.
its the littlest things today,

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 gone but not forgotten...

2011 in review..

spring of 2011
began in the south with shea's family and our brand new nephew, cole.:)
next i helped welcome baby clare into the world by caring for her brother.
she has forever changed my views on babies...thanks clare.
the twins turned a year old and began turning into little boys.

summer of 2011
began on a sad note for my family but a happy note for my grandpaw & Jesus.
my sweet grandmother went to live with Jesus and see Grandpaw again.
i still miss her but i am glad she is no longer lonely or in any pain on earth.
henry turned 3 & i turned him into a mini astronaut.
i turned 26 this summer and i don't feel any older.
my antiquing and thrifting def was at its best during this summer.

fall of 2011
the biggest change for our family came during this time.
we moved into a real home. one with space and a yard and a roomie.
whom we have come to love as one of our family.
we found a new church family to worship with & i couldn't imagine life w/o it.
the fall also brought lots of visitors which was great![i love company]
my mom came & met all my kiddos & fell in love just like me.
i finally was able to visit my sister in nashville.
also our family thanksgiving was a great one this year.
*note to self for next thanksgiving don't go anywhere in a car once you get to your fam.

winter of 2011
this winter has been a warm one but full of adventures.
shea began a new job.
we had our first christmas in the new house which felt a lot like christmas
in my house growing up. i loved that.
i displayed my grandmother's vintage glass christmas tree.
it got so many compliments which allowed me to talk about her, love.

i learned a lot this year. this year had lots of ups & downs.
the Lord is def doing big things in me and i cannot wait to see
what's we go 2012.