Sunday, April 24, 2011

happy resurrection sunday/easter!

the cooper bunny would like to wish you a happy happy easter! :)
during easter i often miss my family.
it is such a big celebration & i just feel it is a time to be with family.
however today was busy & fun
shea preached at the 7am sunrise service & in my opinion did grrreat!
then we had a breakfast at church at 9
then shea did the 11 o'clock service while i read & rested.
then we went to lunch at our friends house with a group of folks.
i will admit in our house we give easter baskets.
i think it is helpful so when we have kids it will be something we've always done.
i think for next easter we will hide eggs around the house for one another.
i miss hunting easter eggs!

when thinking about easter it is amazing the blessing we have as Christians
to be given a gift like Jesus death & resurrection.
so today i am thinking of the other blessings the Lord has given our family.

•having amazing loving family.
•working a job i love for people i love.
•living in a city & being kept safe daily.
•a great group of friends that are always loving.
•down time when shea & i get to just be together.
•the constant challenges in our faith that help us grow.
•the time and ability to create & be creative.

these are just a few of the ways we are blessed but man the Lord has been good to us.
He is Risen! i am so thankful!!

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