Monday, August 27, 2012

homemade pickled okra..

i freaking pickled my own okra.
four whole jars folks.
it took maybe less than an hour i lost track.

it was way easier than i had ever thought.
i am super scared of botulism so this is the
only canning ill try w/o my friend lisa.:)
aren't they pretty??
i owe one of my friends a jar but
other than that i cannot wait to try them!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


alright these babies are a treasure in this house. 
the two records below if they ever broke or stopped playing i'd frame them.
they were recorded in good ole muscle shoals, al.
recorded at fame records by bettye swann & george jackson.
which until i bought these i had never heard of either of them.
let me tell you these little 45s are amazing.
the music is right up my alley. worth every penny!:)
[found these at an estate sale my last trip home, just fyi]

then remember the BIG album collection we bought that was mostly classical?
mostly classical and this bad boy!
i love halloween music!
this is a classic that i grew up listening to!!
i cannot wait for october and spinning this recorded.

[i probably cannot wait that long!]

so you should always take chances on records in my opinion.
well at least it hasn't failed me yet!!

what are your favorites in your collection??

Saturday, August 25, 2012

southern folk art

one of my favorite things back in good ole florence, alabama is michelle's house.
i love it bc it seems to always change in the most fun ways.
her art is my absolute favorite on the planet.
when i am grown up i hope my home can look half
as cool as hers.

southern folk art is my very favorite.
no one else that i have seen comes close.
i look on etsy and it is nothing like these pictures from michelle's house.
i think i love it bc of the culture and the strong religious symbols.

so i actually have a little bit of the above artists work.
her name is martha beadle and she is a florence, al local.
the above piece is bob dylan and i forget the quote
underneath is i think music lyrics.
isn't that amazing??

i love the middle piece in the picture above.
it's a baptism at a church in a creek.
then the coke bottle cross. eekk love love!:)

this my friends is a new piece to michelle's collection.
it has shot up to number 1 on my christmas list.
i met the lady who is the go between in florence for this artist.
i am asking my mom for a piece from this artist.
i freaking love it so much!!

i just never see artists works like this.
michelle's collection that her and her husband have built i just can't get over it.

last weekend in august finds...

so august has kicked my butt in every way shape and form.
this month has been the hardest yet this year.
so the yard sales in me has gone crazy.
the hunt is so much more fun when life gets super hard.
[it is the only retail therapy i do]

those records above aren't even half of the ones we got today.
this lady had a big laundry basket full of records.
some were musical soundtracks and most were classical.
at the present moment my husband is obsessed with classical music.
as i was looking at the records the lady said if you take all
of them you can have them for $3.
are we kidding?? selling 75 records for $3. done.
[we are currently listening to them now]

this baby is my prize from our adventures today.
it is a sears kenmore stool fan.
i got it for $15 at a yard sale.
i have never seen one of these in real life.
i've only seen them in magazines and online.
it's a seat and a fan.
i love it so much!!

my hubs also bc i picked out the fan to buy the yard sale dude
bundled in a full weight bench and weights for $35.
he flipped for the weights he has been begging for a set.
so we both came out on top. hurrah!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

knit the bridge

so i have posted before about local yarn bombing.
i am so excited to hear that there is a big one happening in pgh!
the andy warhol bridge is going to become knit!
i cannot wait to see this.
it will definitely be on my calendar for next year.
i may even try and help.
my knitting skills are very beginner.
[i am easily distracted]
anyways i had to share.
here is more info about it.
and of course you can find them on Facebook.
if you are local go and support this super fun and amazing art!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

what i am working on..

i am currently going back to the basics.

my mother asked something of me and i intend to give her my best.
so i am giving these guys a big chance to help my painting
come back to where it once was.:)

this weekends finds..

this weekend shea and i struck big luck at the estate sales.
we found lots and below are a few of our finds.
i've started collecting plant stands.
this one i call the baby to the moma i already bought.
i am hoping to find a large one that holds multiple plants.
one day ill find it! 

this metal cart use to be a projector cart from a school or soomething.
it has a plug attached to it. haha
this metal cart will be receiving a make over which i will post later.
did i mention that this cart was $2??
a steal!:) 

i also found this bad boy. which i haven't been able to find until yesterday.

 who doesn't need a coffee tree??? love it!

my newest wall hanging in the kitchen.
it's great. it's called grandmaw's garden...its full of herbs.

these christmas lights i love.
the plan is to decorate with them.
they will probably be in mason jars for christmas.
i am really excited to put them out!
we also found some fun records.

i love our adventures that include great treasures.
pittsburgh is nothing but vintage at every turn.
a successful saturday if i do say so myself.