Saturday, August 25, 2012

southern folk art

one of my favorite things back in good ole florence, alabama is michelle's house.
i love it bc it seems to always change in the most fun ways.
her art is my absolute favorite on the planet.
when i am grown up i hope my home can look half
as cool as hers.

southern folk art is my very favorite.
no one else that i have seen comes close.
i look on etsy and it is nothing like these pictures from michelle's house.
i think i love it bc of the culture and the strong religious symbols.

so i actually have a little bit of the above artists work.
her name is martha beadle and she is a florence, al local.
the above piece is bob dylan and i forget the quote
underneath is i think music lyrics.
isn't that amazing??

i love the middle piece in the picture above.
it's a baptism at a church in a creek.
then the coke bottle cross. eekk love love!:)

this my friends is a new piece to michelle's collection.
it has shot up to number 1 on my christmas list.
i met the lady who is the go between in florence for this artist.
i am asking my mom for a piece from this artist.
i freaking love it so much!!

i just never see artists works like this.
michelle's collection that her and her husband have built i just can't get over it.

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