Sunday, September 9, 2012

the best pgh has to offer...

well i need to tell you all a secret.
pittsburgh, pa is home to the most amazing vintage/antique things.
i have tried other places but pgh has it.
it has all items and the prices are UNBEATABLE!

i stopped at four on saturday and one on sunday.
we will start with sunday bc well it's today.

below you you will see two perfect condition pieces of fiesta ware.
bought from an estate sale for wait for it.......$10!!!
i about flipped. these babies look great with my collection.
my mom wanted me to get china for my wedding but lets be real
i am not the china kinda gal. so fiesta had my name all over it and well
my collection needs some new pieces.:)

i have been searching for these boxes for months.
i am so excited to have found two of them for a steal..
$5 each! i am making the coolest shelving unit and these babies complete it!

so i love green. any shade of green really and the table below was perfect.
i only have one giant foldable table. so this little card table was just right for us.
we are big game players in our house so this will get alot of use!

so just fyi this is only a few of the things i got.
i got my great friend caroline a knife block.
i got my wonderful friend lisa a beautiful glass pitcher.
i got three in perfect shape dresses for $10!
[i am dying to wear them]
i also found 4 things of yard.[two green & two teal] for $2
i do have one more thing but it is for a later post!

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