Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the weekend..

well considering it's wednesday we are only three days away from the weekend!
i normally have very low key weekends.
not this weekend though.
this weekend my friend caroline, her son & i will the traveling to washington, pa
for a HUGE antique flea market.

here is the link to the site for the fair.

i have been waiting since last fall to go to this baby and i am stoked!

also this weekend my sweet babies alexander and sebstain are turning one!
there birthday was planned by yours truly and i will be posting all the items i cooked up for them.
ilove love love birthdays!!

and the last thing going on this weekend is going to a big kiddo consignment sale!!
i know it may be weird but i have been collecting vintage baby clothes for our kiddos.(who aren't here yet)
it is super fun to find things and i feel like it is better to slowing collect over time.

i am beyond ready for the weekend!
what are ya'll getting into?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

vintage findings..

so this past weekend shea and i explored a new town.
uniontown, pa
it was amazing! such a cute town and full of thrift & antique stores.
here were some of our finds.
this is an awesome lamp.
it is now at my bed side and i love it!
it was a steal at $4.50

i have started collecting kids books for our future kiddos.
if i find any oldies or ones that pertain to something i love then i snatch it up.
[perfect example is the Pucasso book]
each of the books above was $1.25 each.

this i didn't find in uniontown but i had to share.
this is a set of childrens books that were marked $5 each.
i asked if i could get them all for a set price and paid $25.
it may sound like a lot but these stories were some of my favorite as a kid.
ever heard of "bere rabbit" ?
it is a tough book to find and it is included in this set.
it is currently my favorite vintage item.
these frames will soon go to the twins.
for their first birthday i am giving them silhouettes of themselves.
it prob is a lame gift but they will get plenty of gifts this is a treasure gift.
i am so stoked about starting this project.
each of these were $1.99

these ball jars were soooo stinkin cheap.
we decided to only get two but it was hard.
we are starting a collection to use as drinking glasses.
they were $1.00 each.

our vintage collection is growing.
if it were up to me i'd sell most of my newish housewares and get vintage.
they are so well made and the style is right up my alley.