Tuesday, September 4, 2012

my working wish list...

so i have been making a wish list.
i have gone to many estate sales, yard sales and moving sales looking for a 
cabinet like the one below.
i want something not super fancy and not wide.
the one below would look coolio in my kitchen.

this is the number one book on my list.
the recipes are amazing and i love the southern goodness.

i am also hoping to soonish find a great camping lantern.
similar to the one in the link above.
i don't have any reason to like it other than it matches our tent.
also coleman stuff is about middle of the line which i like.:)

we also have a gaping hole in our air mattress.
i'd like an air mattress that allows for camping and in home use.
i also am always collecting more vintage bright colored pyrex!

i think this weekend i am hitting estate sales HARD!

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