Thursday, September 13, 2012

homemade three tier stand..

i have been dying to make this since i first saw it on Life as a Thrifter.
i did mine way different so here are my supplies.
can you see the darker candle stick and that bow thing?
there was also something similar to it on the top but i broke it off.
so tacky.

i went with white bc i want these babies to display most of my seasonal decor.
this may change bc i am in not a white kinda gal.
[guess what that beautiful teal color metal cart.]

here is the finished product.
i really like it. i hope it does all i imagine it will.

 i got everything for this project from many of my favorite pgh spots.
two estate sales, creative reuse & the habitat restore.

the bottom tray is my favorite part of this whole deal.
those handles just make it for me. i love it!
also i am not 100% but i think i made this whole project for about $3.
boom even better.
what are your thoughts about the white??

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