Sunday, January 6, 2013

goodbye 2012..

Spring 2012
We  made so many new friends during this time.
My sister came to visit.
My cousin face[emma] came to visit me.
My very best friend Taniya came to visit.
I started prepping to sew a dress.[will finish in 2013, fingers crossed]
Baby Clare celebrated her first birthday.

Summer 2012
Retore my acl by running to first base & being crushed by a big dude in softball.
Hit up some serious killer finds at estate sales.
Went to the beach with my family.
Shea & experienced the greatest loss we could've ever imagined.
The Mckee's, Robby, Shea and i went white water rafting.
Met my new amazing friend katie!

Fall 2012
The twins started school & i stopped watching them.
I worked a little less hours a week. :)
My mommy came to visit again!!
Robby came to be our new room mate!
I had a super successful craft show.
Discovered my love for audiobooks & have already finished two!
Learned how to knit.

Winter 2012
Shea was offered & accepted a new position in New Castle, Pa.
With a huge help from Jesus we found a house to live in New Castle.
I won a giftcard for a free massage i will be getting after our move.
Went to NYC during christmas time w/our bffs.
Saw & won cheap tickets to newsies!!
Finally got a Wanda Teel painting!
Had two weeks off work to begin our packing adventure.

At this current moment i think i am experiencing every emotion possible.
i would love to just bundle all that i love and take it to new castle with me.
Moving is a tough business in so many ways.
i am so excited for 2012 to be over. it was 110% my hardest year, ever.

i am ready for a new start this year.
i am taking a more backseat approach this year.
more down time. more me time. less crazy running around.
Four years of running crazy caught up to me hard this year.

so 2013 let's be restful and full of joy, k?
ok good, let's go! 

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