Monday, January 7, 2013

first step to new...

new cowl & new ish hair.

our new home.
[the snow is 12x as bad in new castle]

the next thing i've started new in 2013 no sugar treats in january.
it is nuts how addicted i am to desserts..mostly ice cream and pies.
[i have thought about them both while not having them]
so i have lost 4 pounds since jan 1st when i started this.
which is nuts i know but so encouraging to see that difference.
i just cut one thing out of my routine and replaced it with fruits or veggies.
in my time off i have been more into cooking which helps this a lot.
the plan is to start a primal lifestyle of eating when we move.
this will help with shea's crohns & give us both more energy!
so this is what is new just in january.
it feels so good!!

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Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I gasped at the new home. It's SO lovely!!! That front porch / sun area looks amazing!

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