Monday, June 13, 2011

vintage clothing...

two weeks ago i started collecting vintage clothes.
i love the styles of the 60s and 70s.
so my collecting has a purpose...i am going to stock my etsy shop with vintage clothes.
this is just a preview, i have about 15 pieces now.
i am saving the best piece for last in this post.
i know all these pieces will look better on a person
so i found someone to be a model for them which i'm stoked about.

this first piece is a dress that fits really well and is comfortable
and fashion for today.
this is a close up of the design of the dress.

this jacket kind of fits me but is a tad snug.
i love the plaid and the style is so fun!

this shirt is fun.
it is a cool pattern with an awesome tie around it.

this is my most favorite find.
i found it last week at an estate sale.
this ladies style was crazy, i always love finding people
that hang on to vintage pieces like this one.
my sister says it's very mary tyler moore.
i think i love this dress the most bc its green.
i stinking love GREEN!;)
here is the thing about these clothes as you can see they are wrinkley.
also there are some minor tears that i will fix.
then wash and get these wrinkles gone before i start the real photography
for selling. i really love hunting for these clothes.
i am kind of picky too.:)
i hope you enjoyed this post!

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