Friday, May 27, 2011

the help

have you heard of the movie coming out this summer called the help?
no. you should and here's why.

my very very great friend avent clark spent a large chunk of time
helping make this movie.
she helped emma stone in the movie learn how to talk w/ a southern accent.
avent has the most amazing southern accent. i love it!!
i think that alone makes avent the key to this movie.
haha. in my eyes anyway.
i think this movie will be awesome and i can't wait to see it.
avent was also in some of the scenes we won't know until
the movie comes out if those scenes made it in.
i fell like everyone should know avent and how amazing she is.
this would be a great opportunity for them to see her beautiful face!!

i love this movie already.
one. it's oozing with southern accents.
two. the amazing friendship.
three. the story is incredible.
i cannot wait to see this.

here's a link to the trailer go check it out, then go see the movie! :)
it comes out August 12th.
we will be seeing it opening night w/o a doubt.

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