Tuesday, May 24, 2011

shopping funnies about me...

this picture is from last summer at an amazing flea market in mississippi.
this lamp now hangs over our kitchen table.
i love shopping vintage, but this post is about funny shopping
things that happen to me.

in normal stores like tj maxx, target, giant eagle, etc.
i get mistaken ALOT for these stores employees.
so i guess bc i look so professional
maybe bc i don't look lost in the store.
this happens once or twice a month.
whatever it is it cracks me up.

this one happens every two or three months.
people in the burgh mistake me for someone else.
yesterday at target a lady spoke to me heard my "accent" and said
where are you from? have you lived in pittsburgh your whole life?
pittsburghers have a HUGE accent which is why it
surprised me that she asked that.
i guess i look or act like a pittsburgher.

whether in a store or at an airport people ask me for help.
i think this is strange but then just think i must not look threatening.
they also ask me for directions
to other locations around the burgh. which is weird
bc we have only lived here two years. this usually happens
while shea & i are walking somewhere.
i didn't feel like this happened at all back in our small town.
but being in a big city everyone needs a little help.;)

once when i was in middle school i was at the mall with some
friends shopping. we were in claire's i wasn't paying attention and walked
out w/a toy mouse. i realized it and ran back to the store.
i wasn't brave enough to tell the workers what i had done.
i just threw the mouse back into the store and walked off quickly.
i think of this story often while shopping!

i hope these made you laugh.
when these happen it usually makes my day.
it's the little things.

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