Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a little astronauts burday!

i have to blog about this kiddos burday!
this is henry the astronaut guy.

i know a ton of kiddos and not one of them at 2 and a half years old
know about astronauts. well this little now three-year-old does!
he has for about 6 months now been desiring to be an astronaut.
he says, "when i get bigger & bigger i will be an astronaut."
"katie you have a boo boo, oh astronauts can make it all better,
[insert him kissing the boo boo] there katie!
"when i go into outer space i will take you and the babies in my
spaceship." i think this all came from a book.
he is so stinkin smart!!
so for his 3rd bday party last weekend i [with the help of my sis]
bought henry a space suit. he is now really an astronaut!:)
he has worn it everyday since he got it. it has stains on it already.
i love it! he has the best imagination this outfit will get tons of wear.
i wish he could go to the space and rocket center in huntsville, al.
he would totally freak out and never want to leave.
i don't think i have ever seen a cuter astronaut!!

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