Sunday, June 5, 2011

thrifty finds...

on saturday shea & i got up early & headed to estate/yard sales.
so the first estate sale had tons of fabric almost too much.
it was very overwhelming. i just couldn't dig any more
so i just got a few bc i have to be real w/the amount of space we have.:)

so we just got a new couch that is also a twin bed.(no not a futon)
these fun vintage sheets were 3 bucks.
so we now have a vintage set of sheets for our guest couch.
hint hint..lauren we are ready for you to visit!;)

how amazing are these super vintage patterns.
i think i got 13 of these bad boys.
the plan is to sell them on etsy prob 3 at a time.
i'm keeping the little kiddo pattern tho.
also check out the cool vogue them!!

shea cole is super surprising during these sales.
i never know what he will come out with & these were his picks.
these funky fun buttons. we might be making some into magnets.
he usually goes for the books so when we laughed about all these buttons
i was sold.:) such a cute lil husband.
so one of my favorite movies is pride & prejudice.
i have been hunting for old jane austen books bc i love the language & the love.
the copy of mansfield park below is from 1965.
i'd like hardback but for now i'll take what i can get.
i don't read much but i plan on reading this one starting this summer.

hello beautiful! this is my favorite find! two rot iron chairs!
i love the lime green & the floral patterns are incredible.
these are now our most comfy lawn furniture!
these are low to the ground & amazing!
it makes me think of old 70s movies.
this one is my fav of the two!
the lady from this sale was really friendly & gave us a great deal.
both chairs for $45.
they are in good condition the rot iron has hardly any scratches on it.
endless possibilities for these wonderful chairs.
they could be repainted & recovered & reawesomed.
i love love love finding vintage treasures.
the hunt is half the fun & i get soooooo excited about saturday
mornings that we go a hunting.

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