Thursday, June 2, 2011

diy silhouettes

these silhouettes were made for the twins first birthday.
i figured since they are just one and don't know the difference
this was the perfect gift for their parents.
sebastain is on the left and alexander is on the right!

things i learned from this diy project.
do not do this on the floor if you have a dog that sheds.
sebastain's was 10x cuter but it had dog hair all in it so i had to remake it.
these frames were purchased at a thrift store, i recommend buying from there.
girls/babies with more hair make for a more interesting silhouette.
alexander's is super cute bc the top of his hair was sticking up.
the twins momma was so excited about these.
it took me about two hours to make them.
i wrote the boys a note on the back of the frame.

i hope when i have kids they too will have cute silhouette pictures.

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