Thursday, November 18, 2010

halloweenie decor as promised..

i realize i am the slowest blogger ever.
and for that i am sorry.
i love blogging but cannot make myself get sucked into the online world after work. :)

here is my terra cotta dracula

he is a much smaller scale then the ones my moma made growing up.
but for the space i have he is perfect.
the only things he is missing in the picture is his cape and ears.
i gave him a trash bag black cape and just left him w/o ears.
i free handed all his painted areas which was fun.
as you can tell you just need two bottom pot pieces and 3 varied size pots.
also at my moma's house her big daddy drac is used as a candy holder outside.

[sorry about the poor picture quality, poor lighting and iphone pic]
my terra cotta jack

there is this wonderful place called the union project
in our neighborhood.
they had a pumpkin carving of leather hard pumpkins.
i brought my handy ceramic tools & after a week picked up this baby.
they fired it for me.
and instead of a real pumpkin that rots i have forever halloween decor.
we did carve pumpkins this year.

i made the mistake of not taking the finished project.
shea & i made our silhouettes on our pumpkins.
[just use your imagination, sorry guys]
the next project i took on was this mum pumpkin.
[as you can easily tell this is not my picture, photo credit is on pic]
anyway this was an amazing twist on flower planting for me.
i hate planting flowers..this was fun.
i used redish mums and yellow and planted them in white pumpkins.
this could also work for your thanksgiving decor.
if you aren't a gardener i recommend it.:)
alright that is all.
i will try to blog a bunch more on my vacay.
no promises tho.
;) xo

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