Tuesday, December 28, 2010

true grit vs. true(r) grit if you will...

well we went and saw true(r) grit on christmas day.
with aunt dotsy, my in-laws and shea everyone loved it.
i call it true(r) grit because a ton of folks are claiming
it is better than the first true grit. the john wayne style grit.
my mother was deeply upset by this statement. why?
bc she like others are die hard john wayners. so on this
cole families to do list is to see/own the true grit.
we will make an assessment of this statement after we have all the info.:)
something else we found...we enjoy westerns. we are watching one now.
i haven't decided my feelings about westerns. i'll get back to ya.
(my mother loves that shea is diggin on some western...oh lord the brownie points)


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