Saturday, August 25, 2012

last weekend in august finds...

so august has kicked my butt in every way shape and form.
this month has been the hardest yet this year.
so the yard sales in me has gone crazy.
the hunt is so much more fun when life gets super hard.
[it is the only retail therapy i do]

those records above aren't even half of the ones we got today.
this lady had a big laundry basket full of records.
some were musical soundtracks and most were classical.
at the present moment my husband is obsessed with classical music.
as i was looking at the records the lady said if you take all
of them you can have them for $3.
are we kidding?? selling 75 records for $3. done.
[we are currently listening to them now]

this baby is my prize from our adventures today.
it is a sears kenmore stool fan.
i got it for $15 at a yard sale.
i have never seen one of these in real life.
i've only seen them in magazines and online.
it's a seat and a fan.
i love it so much!!

my hubs also bc i picked out the fan to buy the yard sale dude
bundled in a full weight bench and weights for $35.
he flipped for the weights he has been begging for a set.
so we both came out on top. hurrah!

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