Saturday, July 23, 2011

For Rent

so we[shea, cooper(our dog),my friend kristin & i] will
in about a month be moving into an amazingly huge duplex.
we have been so blessed to be able to make this move.
cooper will finally have space of his own, the backyard included!
our half is on the left side of the picture.
our future home!:)
built in 1959 & believe me the bathrooms scream 50s!
so i watched this great show called "for rent" on hgtv yesterday.
i love it. the chick on the show takes you apt/duplex/house hunting
but for rentals. what a genius show idea.
during the show yesterday she showed the girls three places
then when they chose a place and signed a lease she redoes a room
in the new place.
i want to be on this show but not the apt hunting part just the redo a room
for me please.:) anyway one of the things they recommend
is if you want stuff remodeled or changed. to first check with the
landlord and if he/she ok's it then do all you want in the first two weeks.
otherwise you probably will never get to it.
i have been working on projects and just gathering things that we
will need or use in the new place. it is soooo much fun.
i will be blogging about our new headboard i will be making.
we will be painting our bedroom so i will blog about our
house progress with before and after pictures.
stay tuned...

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