Sunday, February 26, 2012

visits 2012..

i realized something...
i have the most amazing people in my life.
however some of my most favorite people don't live close.
i am so blessed though bc they love me enough to come visit.

this beautiful amazing girl came in january.
we had such fun adventures and really spent quality time together.
it was perfect.

this cute girl will be visiting in march and i couldn't be more excited!
this is her second visit but her first time to come solo.
oh man do i have some incredible things planned when she comes.
this is face[emma] and she is my favorite 13 year old.

the next visitor i have coming is my best friend taniya.
i truly love this girl. this is her first trip to the burgh.
she is a lot like my sister and i so her visit will be nothing less than amazing.
i cannot wait for her and her sweet baby jayne to visit.
she is crafty and a super mom all around amazing.

i also realized yesterday..that how blessed am i that people would
come visit me. drop what they are doing to fly all
the way to freezing pittsburgh to visit. i am so lucky to have such great people.
i love each of you and i am thankful for your visits and for you.

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