Sunday, February 26, 2012

sunday funday projects..

today i sewed up three projects and put together one.
this babies have been on my to do list for months.
here they finally are.
our kitchen window that has been naked since we moved in.
it got some serious spring color today!
this fabric is a vintage bed sheet scrap that i purchased from creative reuse.
no lie i have had this scrap for prob 6 or 7 a slacker.;)
this is the teenie tiny window at our back door that had a raggedy old curtain.
which i have replaced with a matching curtain to the window one.
its adorable. i love it.

this lamp i have been dying to make.
i bought this old golf ball basket for $10 about 5 months ago.
i finally put this bad boy together to avoid using the yucky colored light
in our kitchen. this light is much more warm and inviting.
i love the way it came out.
sundays are my crank them out days.
my plan was to make pillows for our bed well i made all these things instead.
oh and i also made a draft blocker for our backdoor with fabric
my roomie bought from creative reuse. it is so fun!!

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