Wednesday, March 7, 2012

happy 3 years!:)

this past weekend we celebrated our 3rd anniversary at a b&b.
we drove 5 and a half hours to lexington, va to stay at 502 South Main.
we had such a relaxing and wonderful adventures in lexington.
this is us out front of 502. the house was perfect!
i absolutely loved sleeping in a king sized bed and the delicious breakfast
mary stuart cooked for us. we also had friendly fun couples staying
at 502 the same time as us.
we loved the old old side walks they were so different.
we tried our best to walk a lot and not drive.
that was also really fun bc we saw lots we would have missed otherwise.
we ventured into shops and checked out all the civil war stuff we could.
this is us on our picnic lunch in the park which was delicious.
the weather was amazing this day. we did a little antiquing and took it slow.

i have a go go go personality so it was so nice not to do that.
we just rested a lot walked and enjoyed each other.
that is what i hope for all our anniversaries in the future.

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