Wednesday, March 21, 2012

two things...

first here is the pattern of the dress i mentioned in my last post.
i have terrible follow through with tough projects so here is me still working.
i cut 95% of the pattern out last night.
i plan to start sewing Friday or Saturday.
I am using a bed sheet first to make sure i don't ruin my good fabric
with rookie mistakes.
i haven't sewn using a pattern in 10 years or so.
did i mention this pattern is from 1978. love.

the second thing i wanted to show you are my super fun nails!
i painted them last night using this technique.
it looks like spring on my fingers.:)
there is nothing more fun than unique than these!

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Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

just read your comment on my wedding video post and THANK YOU and LOVE YOU TOO! The wedding was awesome. Things went wrong but I could have cared less, it was about us getting married after all, not cutting the cake with the proper utensils right? ;)

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