Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my list..

this is the beginning of my christmas list. hehe
might as well get a head start, right?
the theme for this year is old school..the above polaroid camera is from amazon.
i have been eyeing them for a while and i think i want this one.
they are in my price range too.
i may not wait until christmas to get this tho..ha!

these are from etsy
however i think i am going to ask my gran for these for christmas.
she is on a tight budget and what i really want is...
local florence, alabama businesses match books.
they can go in my alabama bathroom!:)

this is also from etsy but i don't need this exact one.
i'd like a few pieces of folk art. i love the ones done on wood..however
im not that picky. the first folk art piece i'd like is of a church.

i also wouldn't mind a few vintage art pieces.
not the creepy ones of people tho, i just can't get into those.;)
maybe the Lord's prayer vintage and framed!:)

i am hunting currently for metal vintage baskets or bins.
if i can't find those maybe some one in nashville could find me one or six?

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